No Other Name

I have been inspired with a song: It Is Well with My Soul, as posted above. I posted the instrumental version so you could listen to it while reading the rest of my mumblings (if you are willing of course). This song was written by Horatio Spafford, in reflection of his dramatic tragedy he experienced in his life. This is one of my wife’s favourite songs as she would be so moved, sometimes into tears, every time she hears this song. I could understand why. The lyrics provides an insight into the author’s soul. In the midst of all the losses he endured during his life, he somehow divinely managed to sail through all the storms of life. The reason is that because he knew that his life in this earth was temporary and his goal had always been the heaven. The promise of glory in the future is of greater weight than the burden he carried at that time (2 Cor 4:17; Rom 8:18). The assurance of salvation from Jesus sacrifice on the cross gave him strength and consolation, that his suffering on this earth was pale in comparison to the glory of the upcoming redemption. Redemption does empower. His business and his loved ones might sunk, but his spirit was always on the rise. He has faith that his soul is all well because of His saviour.

Well, the phrase ‘It is Well with My Soul’ is a very powerful statement indeed. I believe it would apply to us today as well. It suggests a condition where whatever may ever happen to our life, it will not do any harm into the well-being of the soul inside. What a marvellous claim! In the world where uncertainty is ever increasing, how can we say that whatever may happen won’t scratch our heart? Slowing economy, job scarcity, disease outbreak, terrorism and many other things worry and trouble us. Even falling stock prices would not literally harm our body, but it would certainly affect us mentally.We have to agree with what the Apostle Paul said in his letter to Corinthians. He warned us that our hope must only focused on the life after this earth (1 Cor 15:19). It is because life on this earth is fleeting, it is in vain, nothing new under the sun, and just like when we play a board game: it would all go back into the box once the game finished. Therefore, to be able to say that it is well with my soul as the author suggests in the song, it has to involve a certain degree of heavenly intervention that changes our perspective about this life. There has to be God who saved us from drowning in the ocean of struggles.

Every time I heard this song, I remember the faith of a man who cannot be moved in spite of the worldly sorrows, because his hope and anchor is in Jesus.We can only be so sure with our life regardless our condition only if we know who holds our life. If Jesus is the only one left in you, everything will be alright. Why? Because Jesus is the Lord of everything. And there is no other name besides Him. For providence, for salvation, for healing, there is no other name besides Jesus. Not even single name under the sun ever come close to who Jesus is. No other name can comfort and console us in sufferings like He does. There is no greater joy than knowing you have Jesus besides you in the midst of pain and struggles. He is the undefeated One. No one can match what He is willing to do. No one can intercepts what He plans to do. He is the only way for eternal life and He is also our only assurance in this life. We should be grateful if our life now is currently good and we still have our loved ones. We must treasure them. On the other side, if we are at struggle right now, be it from our work, our relationships, our health; let us not lose our heart and be in despair. We still have a foundation of this life, that the Lord of the Universe is with us and for us. Our soul will still be well if we have Jesus. Let us remember the story of the man who still can sing all is well with his soul because he knew who holds his soul. Let us anchor our hope in Jesus alone!