Greatness of God

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,
and his greatness is unsearchable.
Psalm 145: 3 – ESV.

God is great. He is great because He is not great in one dimension only. He is great at every domain imaginable on earth. Furthermore, His greatness is so great that we simply could not fathom it by our limited mind. We can search and try to understand His greatness, but His greatness is unlimited. Everyday, His greatness manifests in humanity. Someone may experience miracles, the other may taste His blessings. The list keeps growing on. 

He is great over humans.

Imagine if you know some influential person, who can manipulate power and community to work like the way he wants to. For example, a person who managed to work his way up from bottom into a top position at politics. You would be amazed and think he is so great right? Because it is so difficult to arrange a group of people to behave and act like you hoped them to be. It is challenging to deal with a lot of people to give what you want and follow you. Now think also how powerful you would be if you could manipulate stock market. Tick certain stock price to up and another to down. That is a crazy skill, isn’t it? Now stop and ponder that God has all these capabilities. Whether a new nation born or a global financial wave, everything happens at the behest of His permit. It is in His glorious nature to cause everything and anything happened on this earth according to His will.

He is great over nature.

On top of that, He is also great over nature. Storms, fires, thunders and quakes are in His control. A rainstorm rises and quiets hearing His words alone. As far as the science progress in humanity, no one would be able to fully control nature as he wishes. Think about a sea that parted in its half to allow God’s people to cross it. Moreover, God is not only has power over nature, but He has authority to pass the power to someone that He chooses to. Moses leads his people to cross the red sea by the ordinance of God’s power. God invites Moses to take part in His miraculous work. God also grants extraordinary strength to Samson in which he can destoy two large pillars.He really has the power and freedom to distribute it to whoever He is pleased. That is amazing.

He is great over history.

Throughout Old and New Testament, it is God who supervised and orchestrates everything. He can foresee into the future and prepare history to hold according to what He thinks is best. This only highlights the majesty on the Lord as only someone eternal can compose the history like that. Only someone free from the bind of time can conjure up a series of events to serve His will. 

Meditating on these striking ideas help us to see that God is really great. Sometimes we miss out on God’s true character, that is He is powerful. Hence we fall into the snare of worry and doubt. We forget that our great God is also our Father. We have a Father that rules over things. He is the master of the universe. The sun shines at His mercy. The earth orbits at His allowance. The world thrives at His knowledge. No wonder Salomon said “nothing new under the sun” (Eccl 1:9) as it is all by God’s provision where everything fall into place. No scientific discovery or new product releases has a newness factor to the master creator. God creates all elements on earth, people just assemble it.

I hope as we think about all the things that make God great, our heart would inclined to marvel at His greatness and entices us to worship Him all the more. Then only we can be free from the crippling fear and doubt about this life. If we have the Universe Master as our Dad, how can we be afraid right ?