Dealing with Unbelief

It is normal to have a bit of doubt about some things in life. We really just humans, aren’t we? We cannot know for sure whether what we think is really 100% correct after all. However, in regard to our spiritual faith, there is a need to believe firmly even though we cannot ascertain fully whether what we want to happen is going to manifest. Nevertheless, unless we believe for sure on who we believe in this life, our life will lack a meaningful existence. For example, we wish to be healed or pray for our relatives’ healing to take place. It would not be meaningful or comforting to just pray, without believing whom we pray to or without believing that the healing will really take place. I know this is challenging. Even some guy who live and breathe in the era of Jesus and after meeting the Master of Healer Himself seemed to have difficulties to believe, as seen in this story: Mark 9: 14-29.

The event happened right after the miracle of Mount Transfiguration where Peter, James and John had the privilege that no one else in the world has to witness. Prompted by an unpleasant scenery of altercation, Jesus investigated what were the crowd arguing. A yet unidentified man told the essence of debate. It appears that not a single disciple could help the man to cast out the devil inside his son. All disciples failed in the class of “Faith and Healing Miracles” (except Peter, James and John). Jesus lamented in anguish, seemingly frustrated on the faithlessness that lingered on the disciples’ heart. On top of that, Jesus also specifically addressed the father’s hesitation in requesting the healing for his child. Hence, Jesus said a statement of truth that we all need to grasp upon: “All things are possible for one who believes!” (v.23). Perhaps, this statement shook the father’s heart and soul. Maybe that sentence awakened a sense of realization that the man he called ‘teacher’ at the beginning is really a LORD after all. This drastic change of attitude might come considering the magnitude of that claim which exudes an all powerful God charm.

Knowing that Jesus is all powerful is one thing, but believing all that He is in our heart is an entirely different thing.

The following verse is one of my favorite sentence in the Bible. “I believe, help my unbelief!” (v.24). This is such an interesting statement. In this one sentence, it contains the struggle of human life: An internal battle to reconcile our mind with our heart, to agree in harmony upon what we know in our head and what we believe in our heart. The father expressed his acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord, hence he believed about the healing. However, he also admitted that there is a bit of unbelief still stuck in his heart. This highlights a message that we need to be aware on what our head perceive to what our heart believe. Knowing that Jesus is all powerful is one thing, but believing all that He is in our heart is an entirely different thing. I wish that we all could learn to express our doubts honestly to Jesus like the father in the story above. Jesus is a Lord who stoops down to the level of faith we currently are, so that He could bring us to more deeper level of trust in Him. If we express acknowledgement that He is Lord, and yet we admit that we still have some doubts and ask for His help, I believe He will help us. Acknowledge His identity, admire His power and admit who we are. He is the LORD of all after all.