What God Says Will Happen

Have you ever been disappointed by your friend? I mean, when you say your friend can come to dinner but he or she cancelled it, at last minute? I have. It usually left me pretty disappointed as I usually excited when somebody asks me for a dinner (not that I expect to have free meal of course). Basically, that’s human nature. I am not saying that everybody is a liar, but what I really mean is that we as people cannot completely guarantee what will happen in the future. Say I promise to pick you up to work tomorrow, but if a really big storm or hail come on that particular morning, for sure I could not drive you to the office. It is because we are so limited on what we can do. Hence, we sometimes grow hard on people as we cannot really trust them. I must admit that sometimes I wish I have someone who really can give his word no matter what is going to happen. I need someone like that on my side as it gives me incredible comfort in this life. It is like having an anchor on our daily adventure. Fortunately, we have God.

Isaiah 55 says that whatever comes out from God’s mouth, will not come back to Him in vain. What He says will happen, it will happen. No one will ever say, “Look God what you said that time had never materialised”. The Bible is written by human, but it is inspired word by word by God. Hence, what it says about your life will come through. If He promised that He will make all things work together for our good (Romans 8:28), indeed it will. This is a great blessing for us! It gives us assurance that, in the midst of our doubts and worries, God is in control and His words will come true. In our battle against temptations, we have assurance that one day we will be made perfect completely in His eyes. All because God who begins the good work in us, so it is He that will complete it (Phillipians 1:6). In the face of natural decline, such as our physical body and health, He promised that He will make all things new (Rev 21:5). This highlights how powerful is our God. He thinks the best, He says the most wise words ever and it will happen.

Does this mean we cannot do anything or think on our own? We understand that there is a tension between the sovereignty of God and the freedom of man. In Mark 14:14 and Luke 22, there is a dramatical conversation between Jesus and His disciples in regards to the crescendo of His crucifixion. At the end of the day, what Jesus had said happened in the life of Judas. It is true that Judas had the option to not be the agent of crucifixion, however, he chose to. He opted to be the man that led the lamb into slaughter. We could learn that God allows options for us. Nevertheless, in our freedom, God’s law operates. The result will be dependent on the choice we make. The choice as a new man that enlightened by the Holy Spirit if we had been born again. If we abide in Him and believe in His promises through adamant faith, we will see it happen and work together for our good, for His glory. Psalm 112 is a record of how blessed the man who stands righteous before God. The prayer of righteous man will avail much, James 5:16 says. It is really a blessing to think that despite our weaknesses, God ensures us that He is our strength and our glory. We are so blessed, aren’t we? If we have faithful and loving God whose words cannot be denied, whose evil plan can stand against us?

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