The Disturbing Jesus

Meeting other people trigger changes in our lives. Have you ever changed since you know someone? Or, have you changed after you meet that someone? Most probably, we changed the way we change as a result of our knowing someone. At least, we observed changes in someone’s life after they meet another person. It’s interesting to notice how people change as they grow. There’s joy in knowing more about our family or friends’ personality, even more when we could witness how their personality matures as they grow. This is even more applicable suppose that you have a sport or music idol. Imagine if you meet your childhood hero, that will surely inspire and spark changes in your life. Maybe you want to train or practice more, to be more like him or her. This is even true in knowing about God, the all powerful being in universe.

When we meet the real God, the real Jesus, we surely will be changed. I would like to invite you to see the story of rich and young ruler (Matthew 19:16-22), in which something dramatic occurred to him. He is the person any parents would wish their girl could marry with. The list of his innate qualities is convincing. He is young and already successful! Has a lot of possessions, a lot of connections, influence and social standing. On top of that, he loved his parents and had honourable attitudes as he kept all the commandments. However, when Jesus showed him one thing what he was lacking, he was deeply sad. He was sad because the message came after meeting the real Jesus in person. That means the message was real. Meeting Jesus rocked his life that he had built for so long. Jesus was so disturbing to that young man that he had only one of two choices. One, abandon all of his life and followed Jesus, or the other way around. He could not add Jesus into his life! I recalled Ps. Timothy Keller once said that Jesus is disturbing because He demands much more than we think and offers much more than we believe. John McArthur wrote a stunning book on how attractive Jesus is. Even Levi the tax collector immediately followed Jesus after He just said, “Follow Me” (Luke 5:27-28). You could not simply overlook Him because He is so boldly fierce and lovingly meek at the same time.

We will not know God completely, but at the same time we can build relationship with Him. In the midst of His incomprehensibility, we can be convicted that He is God. It’s only natural that creation could not fully understand the creator. That signifies His majesty and His vast riches and glory. That makes us at the same time could believe Him even though we won’t fully know Him forever. How can you believe in God whom you not fully know, and you will never know? We can know Him through the truth of His very words, the Bible itself. There is joy and peace in the knowing of God. That’s the power of godliness. Jeremiah wrote that let him who proud, proud of the knowing of God (Jer 9:24). Peter said grace and peace be multiplied in the knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:2). That makes us all exciting and satisfying in the study of the Word of God. The knowledge of God is consuming. It is like water that is passing through all of our veins once its injected to our system. It is impossible to meet Jesus and left unchanged. He is disturbing after all.

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