Ever Protecting God

When you pass the through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you, when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you. –Isaiah 43:2

It has been a long long time since I did my last post. It is because I have recently started a new shop to trade. It is just as other people said, starting a business is never easy. I have been blessed enough to have parents and friends that always support me to go through the challenging times. Nevertheless, it was not easy and simple. So many unexpected things appear, whether that was favourable or disappointing. I have to admit that at times, I questioned myself why such things have to happen. For example, rat ate my stocks, electricity power outage, unfaithful staffs, broken software and many more. It was felt like I was going through a storm and my boat was sinking!

Sometimes we wonder, why did God let us to go through storm. We questioned the heart of God, asking why such a loving God could let His children go through the raging seas. Then usually a typical question arose, “If God is all powerful why He could not stop it? He loves us right?” Same here. Many times I have been tempted to express that question, especially if the things around me is the opposite of what I had believed. In times like those, we cannot help but to remind ourselves again and again, who we are and who God really is. He has a purpose for us and there always be a reason for whats happening in our lives. In order to understand our situation better, we need to look back at His promise, His very words in His very letter for us: The Bible.

The verse quoted above is our assurance. God says that “When you pass the..”, it denotes a time when we pass the tumultuous times in our life. God did not promise that He will swept away all things that we rather not to experience, but God has promised that “I will be with you”! When God accompanies us, nothing could harm us. Even when our problems seem to overwhelm us, or when our trials are so scorching our hearts, we shall not be damaged. We may be broken, but we won’t be shattered (2 Cor 4:9). His protection is eternally continuous. All because we have an eternally loving God that is faithful! This is more marvellous than if we never experience trials because if that’s the case, then our faith might never be tested. Tested faith is refined faith (Isaiah 48:10). We need not to worry as we have an all-assuring God. God might let us go through it, but He would never let it claim any damage on us. When you cannot trace His hands, just try to trace His heart. Trust that He is for us and claim along with this song that, “Through the storm and raging seas, I will never be alone.

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