Insights Gained from Big Hero 6

I was so moved and awash with emotion when watching the newly launched Big Hero 6 in cinema. A movie about superhero never fails to amaze me, especially one come out of Marvel/Disney’s kitchen. It entertains me a lot with the loveable characters, the coolness of the science technology, and the hero-triumphs-over-villain kind of stuff. In all of the movie’s goodness, I am struck with an impression that it contains a message that strikingly echoed the message God instills in the Bible. The thoughts keep occurring on my head even after I left the cinema. This is gonna be the first I write my thoughts after an inspiring movie night, but certainly not the last I hope.

We are called to be communicators of God’s glory. The very end few verses of the Book of Matthew states that Jesus tells us to spread the good news and make people HIs disciples. Discipleship is about imitating what the masters do. Hiro, the main protagonist in the movie, has one master, named Tadashi- his own brother. Tadashi is Hiro’s main role model, mentor, and a best friend at the same time. Even though Tadashi dies and physically left Hiro’s life forever, the inspiration continues to live and breathes a new life into Hiro’s purposeless life. That gave an all-important detour for the best future Hiro could possibly have. What makes the life of Tadashi sticks in Hiro’s mind is his unrelenting passion to care for the people’s needs. This later sparked Hiro’s initiative to rescue his enemy’s lost daughter.

This is what making disciple what Jesus means. Providing a detour-chance for the lost. Giving a new hope and direction for the broken. All done by inspiring people to follow the life of Jesus. The inspiration will come if we imitate the life of Jesus (Ephesians 5:1-2). As Jesus’ life is attractive for the people on His time, so do we will spread the admirable quality of His life if we indeed walk in His light. We cannot on our own strength, but His Spirit will empower us to live the life of Jesus as the promise in John 14:16. All in all, it is truly a meaningful life if we spend our time on earth by bringing others near to the master, God Himself.

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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