Jesus is Our Confidence

We often confuse humbleness with positive attitude don’t we? In many positive attitude talks or seminars, humbleness is often encouraged. From what I have heard so far, humbleness is often associated with a view to restrain and view ourself less. This permeates into our walk with God as well. Unfortunately, it could mislead us into a path of negative independence. We want to be humble and look good before God. So we think that by not bringing all of our concerns and worries into prayer, then it means we humble ourselves before God. Consequently, we feel good about it. At least, we are not demanding towards God. This is not exactly what God wants from us.

Today I am inspired by the text from Matthew 15:21-28. The passage tells about a non-believer who supposedly skeptic towards God, but received an instant healing miracle at that time. She was a non-Jewish woman that supposedly worship at a pagan worship temple. However, out of her great respect, she called Jesus as Lord and Son of David. Probably, she heard from the rumour that this is the Man whose reputation could help in saving her daughter. This was an astonishing incident. At that time, women were viewed as second-class citizens, thus deemed inappropriate to begin a discussion with a man. People would think that she was inebriated as she cried into Jesus. Despite all of these braveries, Jesus tested her faith by using analogy that He was meant to give food to the master’s children first, before to puppies. What striking is to read her response:

Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.

Can you imagine when you were seen as low member of society, and yet finally able to gather all the courage to speak and request help for your desperate need to the supposedly your only saviour, and yet being told that your time hasn’t arrived yet? Would you still expect any good or ran away in disappointment instead? The woman expressed her great faith by stating that even the small crumbs of the master’s kindness would suffice to fix her problem. Her faith allows Jesus’ radiant of miracle flows through and her daughter healed instantly! This is one kind of miracle where it occurs passively as Jesus did not initiate the healing miracle first.

I felt rebuked when I read the story. Most of the time, I didn’t bring my worries and concerns into prayer, because I thought that would make me humble as I feel that I am not demanding towards God. However, sadly, that also shows that I haven’t had firm expectation that Jesus is my Saviour in all of my problems. This is a false humility, a negative attitude indeed. The root problem is that I am afraid I would be disappointed in case Jesus didn’t hear me. This is in contrast to the Jesus’ definition of what a great faith is. Considering how vital the role of great faith in pleasing God (Hebrews 11:6), I am reminded of two great statements from two great man with ‘JP’ initials. I learned today that it is pleasing to Jesus when we, as Joseph Prince put it, have confident expectation of the good things from Him. I also remember of what John Piper says that it is all about taking all what Jesus is for us. It is all about confidently approaching Jesus as we believe He will hear and attend to our desperate calls. Apostle Paul advises us to be bold in approaching Jesus, as He is the God of all grace and mercy. Yes, trusting in God’s future grace is beautiful, as He is there for us!

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

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