Easter is Christ

Time flies, a week past since Easter sunday. We are still pretty much in the joy of Easter, aren’t we? I hope that when you hear the word ‘Easter’, memories about Christ would appear sweetly. Well, it’s probably not gonna be as distractions are everywhere. I am aware that every year, images about bunnies and eggs often prevalent in shop displays, street banners, and ads. Not to mention the euphoria of store discounts and escalating flight tickets. It pretty much clutters the very essence of Easter itself, doesn’t it?

For me personally, Easter celebrates the risen Christ, the sign of our victory. Why is this important? We always need assurance in this life, don’t we? When we made a bank transfer for our relative for the very first time, we double check to make sure it goes through. When our kids left home for college, we want to make sure their new environment is okay. We try to minimise the possibility of unwanted scenarios. Likewise, our faith sometimes in tatters due to one or two challenges in our life. We might start to question if our faith in Christ is valid after all. In this, Christ’s resurrection is vital. Because if Christ is not risen, there would be no forgiveness of our sins (1 Corinthians 15). It means that the offering of Christ’s life as a token for our atonement is not accepted, therefore we cannot be forgiven. In that case, our belief is in vain. There is no guarantee about our present life as well as after this life. Hence, a whisper is all what it takes to destroy our faith.

Brothers and sisters, we are now forgiven in Christ (Ephesians 1:7). Whatever happens in our life, we can rest assure and have joy that our name is recorded in the book of life (Luke 10:20). It means that we have assurance not only in this present life (1 John 4:17), but also for the afterlife (1 John 5:13) because we have a forgiving God. We know that we have a good Shepherd that guides us in this world (Psalms 23) and we will take part in Christ’s resurrection (Hebrews 3:14). The fear of judgement is wiped out. The uncertainty of this life is assured in the hands of The Almighty. The anxiety of life after death vanishes in the light of His promise. The The fear of God’s judgement turns into fear of God, which only leads to a fearless life. Yes, we can live a fearless life because His perfect love casts out our fear (1 John 4:18). Make sure to remember to live the resurrected life with Him!

The risen Christ is the forgiveness of our sins.

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