Good Friday is about Great Jesus

Good Friday is an opportunity for us to reflect on what Jesus has done for us. Thousands people all around the world commemorate it in countless different ways. It is actually quite contrasting to think that Good Friday is about the darkness of Jesus’ death. He died on the cross not only for the righteous, but He especially sacrificed Himself for sinners (Mark 2:17). What’s even more startling is the way He chose to die. He gave and surrendered Himself to the worst executors possible at that time. The Romans soldiers were certainly know how to torture people. In spite of His innocence, Jesus was treated as the worst criminal. Spitted, mocked, lashed, naked, nailed to the cross.

Jesus died in a worst way possible for the best of us.

It is amazing to think that the Son of God, chose to step down to the earth, only to set His sights to die. It is important to note that Jesus voluntarily surrendered His life, not because He was weak or powerless. Remember, this was the man who in a shout could perfectly calm a raging storm (Matthew 8:23-27). A man that was together with God at the beginning of creation, turned water into wine, walked on water and healed the sick. Yet, He gave His life as a substitute for our sins. It is true that there is no greater love than this, to lay down His life for us (John 15:13), even when we were still clueless and rebel against Him (Romans 5:8). The precious innocent blood was shed for our salvation.

This morning as I worshipped God during the Good Friday service, a thought dawned upon my mind. God has actually provided us with promises we need to go through this life. What makes this promises so special is because the guarantee is great. We cannot warrant anything with our promises, but God is different. Jesus went through the exact opposite of the promises for us as a token for our assurance. God promises that the bruised reed shall not be broken (Matthew 12:20), but Jesus was bruised and broken (John 19:1). God promises that He will always be with us (Matthew 28:20), but Jesus was betrayed and left all alone in the hardest moments of His life (Matthew 26:56). God promises that we shall never lack anything, but He was in lack of everything in the final moments of His life. It was unfair, but that’s the very heart of His grace. Generous injustice for us, the sinners. The crucifixion was the scandal of God’s amazing grace. Indeed, Good Friday is all about the loveliness of Jesus.

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