Be Still in the Hope

Lately, I am facing the realities of working independently. Beforehand, I thought being self-employed would be awesome. Now, I realize that the tricky part of working world is that there is no specific guidelines and paths that I must take to succeed. Doing my degree at uni was far more simpler. There was specific route that I need to take in order to successfully gain the completion certificate. Now, it is totally different. One seemingly best advice doesn’t guarantee that our path will be smooth. Nothing is certain rather than the uncertainty itself. It’s more like I’m surrounded by a great amount of thick fog. Not sure where to go, but sure that staying idle would be harmful as well. Plus, there’s a sense of pressure around my surroundings that having completed a degree, then I must be successful. It is soul-pressing sometimes. I often cried to God to help me with His abundant blessings, so at least, I could make my parents proud.

In the midst of those circumstances, I got an uplifting message from my cell group’s sharing about hope. The verse is about Romans 8:24 that says:

For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?

This is an interesting verse. Apostle Paul rhetorically questioned us, what kind of people would be hoping for something that they have seen. So like in my case, would be I hoping to be self-employed if, in fact, I had already been owning a business? In other words, Apostle Paul asserted that any kind of expectation that is already in front of our eyes is not hope. It’s make sense, right? Therefore, the hope in which we were saved, is the kind of hope that we haven’t seen in our lives. It is a one kind of a hope that is still lie on the future. Past future indeed, at least beyond our future in this world. The hope in which we gain our salvation is the hope in eternal life. This this the greater hope that outshine any other concerns in this world.

This hope in future glory is in fact so powerful. It fosters our faith to trust in the almighty redeemer, Jesus Christ. Paul even out of words to describe the heroes from the Bible whose faith in God delivered them to witness miracles in their lives (Hebrews 11:32). I learned this the kind of hope will produce real faith in my heart, so that in spite of all uncertainties on my career, I can be at peace because I know my best life is not now. I know that when I grasp the truth that my better life is after this life, I will have unshaken conviction that one day, Jesus will make everything beautiful in His time. As greater thing is yet to come, it is important to let go our worries then. I still remember one verse that my housemate when I was in uni had as his wallpaper, which summed up the truth about our worries and the sovereignty of God:

Be still, and know that I am God (Psalms 46:10)

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