Our God is Great

Wedding at Cana

Image Source: PS Bible Ministry

Sometimes, we need a solid assurance, don’t we? I recently comforted my depressed sister by saying that God is great. She was in tumult due to the dilemma whether to stay in her current major in university, or to change into a more practical course like baking and pastry. She was so hard-pressed that I can’t bear to see her in constant struggle. I wanted to encourage her by stating that Jesus is greater than all of her problems. I remember the verse from Christ Tomlin’s “Our God“, that says “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other…”. This song was very encouraging for me when I’m in doubt or in struggle. Jesus was able to turn water into wine (John 2:1-11). He did that at just the right moment to save the party host. So I said to her that Jesus is also able to turn her bleak conditions into as sweet as wine, at the right moment. He is a great God after all. He is more than capable to help her as He has helped me. It turned out that by intending to support my sister, I’m the one whose faith is strengthened.

After comforting her, I was inclined to search more from the Bible about the greatness of God. David the Psalmist once wrote that the Lord is great and He is above all gods (Psalms 135:5). I imagined that David must had witnessed how his life was touched by the works of God. He was so intimate to God, so his accounts about the magnificence of God is certainty accountable. Had I knew Jesus as much as David knew God, I would have been far more at peace when struggles came at the past. Unfortunately, my mind is so forgetful that even though I have seen the power of God, I still can fall into temptation of doubting God at times.

I remember how Israelites complained and sulked about their conditions after mass exodus from the slavery at Egypt. It is important to note that when they  grumbled about the bitter water (Exodus 15), lack of food (Exodus 16), and thirst (Exodus 17); they had already witnessed how God was able to spectacularly led them out of Egypt by splitting the great Red Sea into two (Exodus 14:21). Nevertheless, God virtually attended to their complaints patiently and miraculously by the glorious providence at the unlikeliest situations. This demonstrates to me that God has a heart of redemption that always come along with His hands of miracle. It is true that we might forget how great is our God, even after we have witnessed God’s previous miracles in our lives. However, God would never forget that we will always need Him. He is great and He is always there for us.

Our God is great. His heart of redemption is always accompanied with His hands of miracle.

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