Sought Out by God

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Being sought after by someone is a nice feeling. It feels like we are loved and wanted by someone. Even more if God of the universe is the One looking for us! The Prophet Isaiah penned a beautiful phrase in His prophesy: The Sought Out one (Isaiah 62:12). This was a name referring to a prophesy that Israel would be saved at that time. God was assuring His people that they would not be left alone as God Himself would look after them. This beautiful promise is also for us today. When we believe in Christ, all the promises of God is sealed in Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:20). It is a comforting truth that in the midst of our hopelessness in this world, we have God who sought after us. Not merely seeking, but abandoning His riches to look after us. In the parable of the lost sheep, He chose to left His ninety-nine sheep in order to search for the lost one (Luke 15:1-7). If we lost, He would ran and seek where we went, even if we were the only one missing. It’s not that because we are special, as God does not consider what we can do or what we can give to Him. In contrary, it’s because God loves us firsthand, therefore we are special people. He loves us unfailingly and wants us to be near Him, the source of our joy (Psalms 43:4; 16:11).

God has always been voraciously eager to see the lost come back to Him. Sometimes if you go to a party and you hardly know anyone there, probably no one would left their company and search out for you. God is different. He searches long and hard to find us. He even sacrificed Himself to bring us back home. I heard an old story where a commoner in England was enthusiastic about preaching the gospel although he hadn’t had any chance to study the Bible. He misconceived the word ‘austere’ man in Luke 19:21 as ‘oyster’ man! Then, he evangelized people by telling them, Jesus is like an oyster man. An oyster man took of his clothes and dive to search for oysters, in spite of the piercing reefs that hurt and bleed his hands along the way. Similarly, Jesus stripped off all of His glory (Philippians 2:6), came down to earth, to be a living sacrifice for our sins through His nail-pierced hands at the Calvary. As funny as the ‘oyster man’ illustration sounds, it contains the truth about Jesus’ heart that venture out to rescue His people. Without waving the Save Our Soul (S.O.S) flag, He knew that we would be lost without Him and scour the universe to reunite us with Him (2 Corinthians 5:19). I invite all of you to ponder the truth about God’s heart for you today. Let His burning love to search and bring us back to the warmth of His embrace always aflame in your heart.

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