The God of Angel Armies

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The God of angel armies. What an astounding name. The truth that God is not only has one army, but multitudes of army is amazing. And this is the armies of angels! Even more amusing is that God is on our side! I have been so blessed by the new Chris Tomlin song entitled Whom Shall I Fear. It inspires and builds up my faith in God. Sometimes I forget, but now I am being reminded that God is the Leader. He watches over my path, day-in day-out, week-in week-out (Deuteronomy 28:6; Psalms 121:8). He does not lead from the back, but He leads in front (Deuteronomy 31:8). He went to the place that we are about to go first, to see and experience it before us. Like a father that made sure the trip that his children are about to go is safe. Jesus went through all the sufferings first, to save and redeem us. Yes, the God of angel armies sacrificed Himself and love us first, so we can have assurance of our future salvation.

He is also the God who led Israel through the wilderness with a pillar of cloud during daytime and a pillar of fire during nighttime (Exodus 13:21). In the midst of scorching heat from the sun, He gave guidance and comfort in form of shady cloud. During cold evening, God granted warmth in form of glowing flame. Even though darkness start to fill the night, God’s light always there to guide us. His words is the lamp for our paths (Psalms 119:105). No matter how dark our condition may be, His grace is always abounds much more to salvage us. None can interfere with the burning goodness of God’s love. He is always on our side accompany us through it all. He never once forsake or leave us alone on our own. We are always on His thoughts. God leads, guides and protects His people. As God is for us, indeed, whom shall you fear?

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