Faithful Grace

Grace for Drowning

When you are drowning, what’s the first thing that come up in your mind? I am pretty sure that a plethora of thoughts will appear and crashing chaotically.  I learnt how to swim at such a late age. It was around 16 years old. That’s quite late considering that most people learn how to manage their body underwater at such a tender years, around 0-3 year-old. Hence, it was very difficult for me to learn navigating on water for the very first time. Initially, it was alright, but once I reached the middle of the pool, I grew tired. Subsequently, I made stronger strokes on water, thinking that it would help me afloat. Alas, it only sank me deeper. When I was experiencing the engulfing force of the liquid, I began to panic. As all the people who swim knows, panic only sinks you down deeper. In panicky situation, the possibility of get saved and the threat of getting drowned blurred vividly. Ironically, trying frantically to save myself only got me drown even deeper. How funny its to think that self-efforts only lead to self-sabotage. The situation is similar to our life. We don’t know how to save ourselves when struggles come. Even our best efforts sometimes will only be in vain, if not drags us deeper into the pit of our problems. Then, if our very own best efforts lead us to nowhere, what could save us? What else could sustain us through our frustrations? It has to be the divine power to salvage us, isn’t it?

God is always present and ready to rescue us. Nevertheless, we may sometimes doubt if God really exists and whether He is for us. It is normal to doubt God’s love, as sometimes we are more tempted to believe on what we see. When you are trapped in your worries, doubts, and hopelessness, would these point and bring you to God? All the efforts directed to save yourself will only dragged you deep down in the misery as only God could save. When Jesus invited Peter to walk on the water, initially everything was alright as Peter focused his faith on the Lord’s power. However, once Peter diverted his attention from Jesus, he began sinking. The same thing happen to us today. We can walk above our struggles if we gaze at His faithful grace. Only by believing in His faithfulness, the grace that could heal and save, we will be able to take a step up and walk. No matter how repulsive our pasts are, the redemptive power of Christ could save and heal us. It is about focusing on the new affection of Christ that dispels the other harmful things. Only God is able to love people both universally and personally. His love is faithful and true in a general way as well as in specific way. We need to trust this treasure and fully lay our faith on the mercy of God. When our heart rooted deep into the source of the living water, the love of Jesus, we could be ascertain that we have the strength and the hope to face tomorrow.

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