More Than a Story

Merry Christmas everyone! In the wake of this festive season, I would like to pour my reflection about this once a year massive event, both for those who celebrate it and those who don’t in the essence of faith. Obviously, besides the event of faith, it is supposed to be more than just a boxing day shopping event, gift-giving bonanza that cause people stress during holiday, or that British Premier League soccer match fixtures. Even though almost every business celebrate Christmas in their own way, like what I saw recently during my flight where those Christmas leafy ornaments were hung on the cabin, isn’t it better to measure our Christmas with more deep connection to our soul?

God’s presence is absolute need for those who near God. David groaned through his psalm that he feared none as far as he knew God is with him. We might talk about God only as a story, by living a godless lifestyle. Unless, we feel threatened, we won’t seek God. We view God’s word and God’s Word only as entertainment. The more we indulge in this lifestyle, we will forget about the beauty of God’s presence more. We know that we have grace, more than just a story, is when we believe that God’s presence is with us, just like Moses said. As Timothy Keller puts it in his article The Purpose of Christmas that “Christmas is more than an inspiring story, that it is frankly doctrinal and boldly historical.”

Intimacy with God must not decrease our reverence toward Him. We can be so close to God is all because Jesus’ blood that tore the veil and grants us access to the Heavenly Father. We feel deserved and entitled to God, neglecting His grace; while God Himself, is a gift from God to us. We can relate to God deeply only if we realize who are we and who is God. Relationship does not work by simply insisting on our terms and neglecting the other’s concerns. It is about who do we see Jesus as a person. We might say that we have known Jesus, but it might be incomplete view or blurry perspective. The story of the visionless man whose Jesus prayed twice to be healed from spiritual and physical blindness before he could fully gaze the beauty of Christ. That testifies the importance of fully conceived who Jesus is. Other things might seem tempting to fully quench our desires for love and happiness. However, they only intensify the thirst once consumed. Nevertheless, it is not about ignoring the thirst, but directing it to God. The person of Jesus is more than a story, that really washes away our thirst powerfully.

Do wee see Christmas as more than a store or a mere story?

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