Jehovah is My Strength

Resting on His abundant supply. Just believe. These two sentences are very profound messages that I received from my new cell group in my new city. I must admit that since going for good to Indonesia, I have been increasingly worried on how I could increase my wealth. This is the culture here. It drags me, on top of the need to continue saving in preparation of marriage. Consequently, my heart has grown dissatisfied with many things. It is true that, when my heart started to be occupied with other gods rather than Christ, everything starts to crumble. I hurriedly make money as the new god, which is a self-destructing move indeed. Somebody says that money is a good servant, but a cruel master. Well said indeed.

The Book of John records the struggle of the adulterous woman. Even though she had changed husbands five times, she was still empty inside. This imparts a message whether we are satisfied with our life? The woman struggled to find satisfaction in her life. The essence of sin is when we make our own effort to draw satisfaction other than God, who is the only one that can truly satisfies. Proverbs said that unless The Lord build the house, the workers strive In vain. Unless Jesus build our life, in vain we try to fulfil our own satisfaction. It is horribly wrong to think that Jesus is only a god of instructions and restraints. He cares for our life. He cares for our happiness.

Jesus promises a life full of abundance. However, we might struggle to see how a life full of blessings may come into us, especially if our condition is in the contrary of the promise. Abraham experienced the same struggle, and yet, he still believed on the character of a God to fulfil His promise. His wife Sarah was not only barren, but old, yet Abraham still trust in the promise of God that he is going to be a father of multitudes. Even more for us, who have a sympathising High Priest, Jesus Christ Himself. We can rest assured that His promise would never return to Him in vain. God’s promise of blessing will always success to prosper and fill us with abundant joy. It is useless to stay up late and worried so much about our life, as it is God who blesses and gives us rest. He will preserve our soul from all evil.

It is amazing to see how my new community here discussed about who is God and what happened to their lives. It is encouraging to hear amazing testimonies about Jesus. Maybe I had just forgotten, that He is an amazing God after all…

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