Never Too Much Salt

Ezra is a skilled scribe of God during the reign of Artaxerxes, King of Persia. When Artaxerxes instructed the treasure to be given to Ezra, among other treasures, only salt was given without limit. This is an interesting piece of text. Salt has been an integral part of human life. Not only for domestic use but also for industrial purposes. It is indeed a very versatile ingredient. It’s main use in cooking is to enhance flavour, besides, salt is also used in food preservation. Some even reported that salt is used for many industrial purposes, such as making plastic, glass, and even detergents!  Jesus also discussed about salt in the Book of Matthew. Salt in this context is an illustration of how we can be blessings to others.

Here in the story of Ezra, salt was given in unlimited prescription. The probably most important and beneficial ingredient was given in super generous supply. This is a picture of God’s grace for us, His children. He is a sovereign and magnificent God. The creator of universe that exists even before the world began. And yet, He dispenses grace in such a super abundant fashion for us, the sinners, the children who often commit offences to Him. The love of God, that is willing to sacrifice in fulfilment of the justice for forgiveness of our sins, was given in abundant manner. Even when we fall, His grace amplified all the more.

We can never have too much grace. It is like salt for our soul. Grace of God seasons our weary soul with savoury joy in our heart. The plethora of grace that we receive shapes the flavour of our soul. Just like applying salt in the fish preservation processes provides food to people; much grace for us blesses us over-flowingly so we can bless others as well. Grace that we receive from God brings impact to us and our surroundings. Let the loving character of God be our assurance. Let His redemptive work at the cross be our token of encouragement in our life and boost our joy, overflowing abundantly that we can also bless others.

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