The End of a Thing is Better Than Its Beginning

Common wisdom says that the end is bad. It is often associated with sorrow and grief. For example, when our mobile phone’s SIM card nears its expiry date. It costs us as we need to spend some resources to extend it, otherwise, we would be sad as we could not connect to our relatives. Another example might be when our trips to our favourite destination come to an end. We would be such in a grief as we wish we could have had more time for holiday. Especially, if we spend the holiday with the ones that we love. The more meaningful something to us, the more upset we would be once that thing comes to an end.

In the contrary, the wisdom of Solomon says that the end is better than the beginning. This mind-provoking statement is supported by the Bible as it boasts the records of the end things that is better than its beginning. Solomon solemnly wrote that attending to a mourning house is better than a party. It is as if reflecting that our life would end as well is better than laughters and drinks. He even wrote that sadness makes our heart better. It gives me impression that when we reflect on the end things, it makes our heart sober. When I reflect on this, I remembered the end of Jesus’ time on earth. The end of Jesus’ life grants life to us. Jesus was born to die, but He didn’t live in vain. He lived and died for our life.

As this year closes, I reflect upon the goodness of Christ in my life. Truly, the end of this year is better than the beginning, as Christ has blessed us with more grace and a fuller revelation of His loving character. His grace has sustained us for the past year, through all the hills and valleys in our journey. Let His grace also be the source of strength and hope for us in the coming year. Yes, surely the future would be better. Why? Because Jesus Christ is always abounds in mercy and grace. He is the same yesterday, now and forever. He was, He is, and will always be good toward us. Many people usually begin the new year with a set of resolutions and to-do things. However, these self-reliant efforts usually ends up nowhere. Embracing the new year, let us be less independent, but more dependent on Him. As John Piper said, “God is most glorified when we are satisfied in Him“.

I would like to invite you with a prayer at the end of this year:

Father, I want to say thank you for this year. You have been gracious in your blessings and provisions that sustained me throughout the year. I pray in this end of the year that as You close this year with mercy, You also will open the new year with mercy. Bless the coming year so that your wonderful works continue in me, in shaping and moulding me. Let there be a deeper change in my heart, rooted in Your love. Help me to not only trust your past grace, present grace, but also have faith and hope in your future grace. Touch my heart Lord so I can rely deeper on You, banking a fuller trust in You. Let next year be a year of greater dependence on You. For You have redeemed me, and loved me. Amen.