Faith is Trust

Recently, when I was walking home with my girlfriend after picked her up at uni, she proposed a game. The challenge was to walk home with my eyes fully closed, while hers were open. It was an interesting challenge that I had never experienced before. Yes, the path home was the same. There were the same turns and traffic lights that I have took for many times. But, when my eyes were fully closed, even the most familiar paths turned out to be the most intimidating paths. I was exceedingly afraid on how many turns were there. I was anxious whether the steps are smooth and straight. I was deeply concerned whether there was any people that I could stumble upon. All because my eyes were closed. Even though my girlfriend constantly assured me that the path was clear and she would definitely direct my path, I was still in panic in every three seconds or so, asking “What lies on my way?”.

That was a fun, yet valuable experience. It taught me on how difficult is placing faith to someone. It was extremely challenging to trust my girlfriend, who I must say that I know her more than I know any other people, how much more it would be more difficult to trust others. I was struck with a connection on my faith to God as well. Most of the time, I doubted that God is always on my side. I wanted to take control and decided what was the best for me instead of trusting Him. At other times, I complained to God or grow impatient. Most of the times, my faith is fragile. Indeed, I felt that faith in God is like walking with my eyes  closed. It is because I closed my eyes on Him, in which I do not allow my heart to know Jesus.

We want to take control because we trust no one. We want to ensure our own safety. However, the Bible says that we are lost if we have no shepherd, the true shepherd. Since we are lost, then our paths would only be the blinded by our own limitations. We walk our life blindly if we didn’t walk with our true shepherd. For God said that His ways are above our ways and blessed is the ones who do not rely on man’s counsel. It is only by knowing God’s heart we can trust Him. Jesus said that  He is a good Shepherd that knows His sheep, and then the sheep know Him too. This is God who plans peace for our good, to give us a future and a hope. Indeed, living by knowing Him is like living a life with High-Definition perspectives!

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