What’s Wrong with Those Idols?

Image was quoted from Eyes of Reason

Have you ever dreamed to be an idol? Or, at least, have an idol? Alike any other people on this planet, I have an idol too. My idol habitates on the field that I extremely interested in, that is soccer. His name is Karim Benzema. I know, I know that most of you may already wondering who the heck Karim Benz, or whatever is. Had I said Ronaldo or Messi, you would have probably known them better. The reason why I like Benzema is because he is a peculiar kind of a forward. Please bear with me while I try to explain why I like him in non-technical words as possible. As a forward, you ought to be able to score a goal, obviously. The question is how you could score a goal while you were being surrounded by 2 to 3 gigantic oppositions that would always dare to lose their head to ramshackle the ball away from your feet. What make him his idol is essentially what I turned into when i observe his power and characteristics. Indeed, I worship him as worshipping is the act of observing the external object that we wish we could have and posses.

None should substitute the way we communicate directly with God, even our imagination about God. Idol is our false imagination about God. We will always imagine what we like. Alas, we will find that God is not totally like what our imaginations picture about Him. Goodness is objective matter, not subjective one and He knows it. We give in to temptations because we fear more of losing our possesions rather than losing the presence of God. We forget the value of God’s presence. We can have God’s presence because Jesus has paid the cost through the cross.

Worship stemmed in the thirst within our heart. When we thirst, we try to throw any liquid into our throat. This perfunctory effort contains essential insight upon what truly happened on our heart. It is deep instilled on human’s soul about the thirst for a meaning, or thirst for happiness. This root of all sort of problems manifests itself on uglier forms as in indulging in all perverse drunkenness. The problem of sin does not lie on having the thirst, but on trying to gulp other things to satisfy other than God. It is like when we were desperately thirsty, we drink the salted water to freshen us. What we may get is even more thirst, far thirstier than we had before. Our heart is made to always long for fulfillment. It prefers to be soaked on murky water, or even the poisonous one, rather than being left dry in thirst. The sense of dryness on our heart was meant to lead us to Him, who can truly quench our thirst.

In this world, there are two groups of people. Ones that could not afford the water and the ones that get the water to drink, but still unsatisfied. The key to break free from addiction and every chain, is to replace what was harmful before with what is beneficial that can fill us with joy and happiness. Just like the answer from Jesus for our thirst, that it is not about killing the thirst, but satisfying it with the water that truly satisfies. Idolatry has been an issue since the era of Adam, where man desires and worship something other than God Himself. People have needs and desires and they have tendencies to fill that with whatever they believe can quench the thirst.

There is a good thing about these idols. I do not mean to advocate that you should indulge on the idols inside your heart, but, these idols may prove a sign about our souls. These idols may act as indicators about what our heart and soul truly long for. For example, I have been addicted to play FIFA 13 on PlayStation. When I reflect myself why I have been so fell in love with the game, I realised it might not necessarily because of the game itself. Our soul long for greatness and when we play video game, we hope to experience the feeling of success and the benefit of hiding our real face in case we fail. Protecting from ridicules in case I am being beaten severely by other gamers is the comfort promised by video game. In essence, our heart yearns for the greatness of God. When we skipped God’s magnificence, we try to constantly substitute with lesser things that could not really satisfy, just as CJ Mahaney labeled it as “Idol’s Factory”.  The other things that we use to fix the hole inside our soul will only enslave us as opposed to satisfy.

Come to Jesus as the only way for temporal and eternal satisfaction.

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