The Weight of His Love

Weight is a very sensitive issue. Girls place high reverence for weight. Businessman pay a lot of attention to the weight of a business proposal. Parents give a lot of concern to the weight of their children’s character. Weight does not necessarily mean how heavy a thing is. It also mean the value or essence someone or something contains. We want to buy the goods with highest possible value in lowest price as possible. It is the quantity of its worth that counts into our scale of consideration.

I often neglect the weight of God. More often than not, regards to God slips away from my mind the further it is from Sunday Service. Hearing sermon on Sunday is great and revokes the enthusiasm in me, however, my mind digressed as well as the day on the week progresses. It’s such an irony considering that the purpose of the gospel is for our everyday life. The gospel that we hear supposed to bring us deep transformation into our mind and thinking. If the gospel that we hear only stimulates us when we sit on the pew, it would be such a great loss to us. Last sunday sermon was talking about the weight of God in our lives. It came to my realisation that how little I have always been giving regards to God. While John says that God must be bigger in his lives, what happened in me is the vice versa. I viewed Him smaller and smaller due to my lack of faith.

As a result, I often trapped in the vicious cycle of fear and worry. When one problem appears, I started to worry. When one problem dissolves, my worry doesn’t cease as my mind started to perceived another problem. It is as if my heart automatically detect the new source of threat. All that I am aware is threat and the possibilities of the unfavourable. It’s not the problem that become the problem, instead, it is my shakable foundation that become problematic. I place my hope on the pedestal that is rusty and brittle, that is my own weight of abilities. Thus, it is not strong enough to hold every aspect of my life. In consequence, things become seemingly much bigger than it is and God become seemingly smaller than His life-saving ability. He is a shaking God whom once He stepped into you heart, He causes everything to tremble and fade away. Your fears and worries fell apart into tiny little pieces when you encounter the massiveness of His love.

Jesus was tormented and tortured massively, both body and soul before His death on the cross. All done in the name of saving God’s children, you and I. He did that for the sake of restoring the lost connection between God the Father and us. It is the essence of His salvation, the weight of His love. The weight of His grace will replace the weight of your burden and destroys the shackles that tied your feet down. During storms and big waves, His weight will anchor you to the ground. Holding tightly into the mass of His faithfulness will make us firm and unshakable. Whatever conditions or situations you are in, in suffocating wear or choking fear, remember how His grace is always present. Give regards to God on how marvellous His capacity in this world is and no one matches His awestruck wonder. As John has said in his writing, this is all written so you may believe, and by believing you may have life in His name. Liberated from worry and fear.

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