The Good Friday

Recently, I have been struggled with statistics. Decision to resume my Honors program turned out to be challenging one. Data analysis with statistical method has been terrorizing my faith in my academic capability. Every statistical principles seemed insulting my intelligence. Oh, God, if there’s one thing that should be abolished in this world, perhaps thats statistics as a discipline?

Nevertheless, there is one good thing I gleaned from studying it. The concept about dependent and independent variables. It took me quite a long time before I got a good grasp on it. I learned that perhaps the best way to explain those two sibling words is using analogy like me and Jesus. Jesus is the independent variable, as He is not affected by me, but on the other hand, I am totally affected by Him. Either I have so strong relationship with Him or so distant from His presence, it would be hugely reflected in my life. This could be generalized. Conscious or unconscious, human’s condition is totally affected by his belief on one and true God. It is a completely inseparable concept as in human’s thirst. We always long for liquid that can quench our desire and need to drink. The question is what we consume to satisfy our longing. We got it correct, we will be satisfied. Temporarily maybe. We got the wrong thing, we won’t be satisfied or worse we even get thirstier.

It may not be obvious on what we could drink to fully quench our thirst. Nonetheless, what might seem so delightfully fresh, turned out to be devastatingly desiccating to our throat. The opposite might be true, where we see something as painfully boring, might be the that our soul really craves. It’s not just a matter of perception, it’s more a matter of belief. Your belief significantly alter your reality. Witnessing how religion is so complex and tedious, we might see it as valueless in our life. It might be true as well. However, what’s essential to be take into note is what is the central essence of the so called religion. Jesus Himself didn’t invent religion or sparked a revolt. He was just simply shared the truth and demonstrated the essence of His words, i.e. the true feeling of God towards His creation. As God is so loving towards His creation, when He needed to make judgement on the distorted way of human living, He needed to sent His own Son as a token of sacrifice so we could be free from sin’s condemnation. Jesus took the punishment in our place and the justice was gloriously satisfied so that our soul would really be satisfied. How could that be?

The massive vacuum in our heart is designed to be satisfied only by the immeasurable love of God. The problem is we could not believe or even see that God is a prodigal and loving God as sins distort our soul. God needed to make redemption and blessed us so we who once was blind now could see the beauty of His characters.The ransom was needed to open the way into God’s chamber of mercy and grace. It has been done so our dependent soul could finally find its true home. Forgiven is the first gate into the marvelous plan that He has already designed for each and every one of us. The deeply humiliating and devastatingly torturing experience that Jesus suffered on the cross was simply incomprehensible to present day punishment. The crucifixion was reserved for the most despicable criminal during that time. Torn flesh, scorching thirst, stretched pain, all while being grossly humiliated by hung on the cross naked as a public spectacle. Commoners could just walk by and spitting, mocking, and stared with disgust to the body of criminal, who might reasonable wish to skip the dying process. The common scenario is complaints, cursing, and furious groan by the criminals as it was exceedingly torturing punishment. What Jesus did was the opposite as He was still praying for mercy to be bestowed for His executors. All was done with you and I in His mind, in order to completely save us from the bondage of sin.

This Good Friday is the day when we celebrate and remember the magnificent work that Jesus has done. The effect of His salvation will always be the same, eternally powerful to save and redeem us. Don’t let this Good Friday slips away just being as being good friday. Let the moment when we celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross be a liberating moment in our lives.