Harbor for The Souls

Promise without execution is dead. Words without actions is empty. Love without sacrifice is hollow. How daunting to live a life isn’t it? We made promise to assure our credit-worthiness and capability. We say to prove that we are right and reasonable beings. More often than not, what we try to justify backfires us as a boomerang. Our plethora of strategy to win people’s approval and attention drags us into a sense of nothingness.

In the Bible, James also stressed that faith without works is dead. Left us wonder, how many days we have to live the life in constant struggle and eternal battle of believing. The cross demands only belief, but that does not mean it should be easy-cheesy to be taken lightly. Believing is a matter of fight. We live in such a moment of exuberance one day, and live to see doubts and fears another day. Our soul swings and tilted to the right and left all the time. Our faith shaken and swayed to the core. What’s left in us to do so called ‘good works’? A tree can’t produce what it doesn’t have right?

Yes, unless what is in the tree is regenerated and renewed by a new source. When we believe in the grace of God, there’s a change in us. We died to ourself and sin, as it has been nailed down to the cross, and live to Christ. Christ lives in us, inspires and motivates us to the truth of the Gospel. Drawing us to know Him more and reveal the hidden message of the gospel to us. The ever-empowering grace produces the good works as the fruit of salvation. The overwhelming joy of the assurance of standing with God illuminate the darkness of life’s worries and fears.

Every soul needs a harbor. A place to rest and gain platform to continue to sail in this life. More often than not, the storms of this life outweigh the tools we rest upon. The storm may hurt and chip the beautifully crafted ship, but the true value of a fishermen’s ship is measured by how many storms it has gone through. Nevertheless, a ship is made to sail the rage of the sea isn’t it?

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