So Hot, yet So Sweet

The hot sunny day after a chill day is the hottest. Your flesh felt as if it is melting and your throat screams as it keeps unsatisfied. Worse, top of your head becomes as hot as barbecue pit, sapping your brain capacity to think. That moment, you are prone to more mistakes tha provokes people around you to provoke you back. The sun seemed to enjoy in watching the crazy angry cycle as it shines even mightier. Scorching heat kills as cruel as intimidating anger and demands.

How sad if we keep thinking that God always angry, strict, and demanding. The grace of God that is so sweet, that every time you sips in on your fresh local juices, you remember how sweet He has been towards you. We might sometimes be doubtful on how God could be that sweet? Then, we need to ask how bitter a rejection and anger is. When you committed a mistake, intentional or unintentionally, you might realize that you are panting for forgiveness. The acceptance back to the previous state of relationship and the chance where you might hope to do it better in the future.

Aware or unaware, it is interwoven on our souls that we long for a God tha care, kind, and loving toward us. The realisation that pleasing Him by our own effort is impossible hinders us to even dare to think that God exists. How sweet it would be if we could have God without needing to fret over our own performances?

The good news is that God accepts and forgives us whomsoever believe in the way He offered. God’s only begotten Son died and rose again, so we could feel the freshness of His mercy in the midst of afternoon’s heat. His love empowers to stay afresh in the middle of day-to-day struggles. All of our guilts and worries were wiped away at the moment when we remember the goodness of the Lord. Sweet like a honey is His faithful love for us.

Too sweet to be true?