Life-Altering Events

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Have your life ever been changed by someone, or something? Whether that be the moment where that person enters into your life, or that could be another shaping moment where he or she exits the stage of your life. A one’s life might be changed by two crucial events, a birth and a death of someone in your life. My life has been shaped by both presence and absence of those near into my world. That is the moment where I was sent here to study and where my boss left.

The days where I began to study in Melbourne left a big mark on me as that was the first time I left my family to live in totally unfamiliar surroundings. This helped me in shaping my character into a person that does not take refuge on the comfort and ignorance of day-to-day worries, because my parents would be the shield of the day’s heats. Whereas, living as an international student had been exposing my timidity into roughness of daily chores and struggles. Previously, food had been trivial matter as parents’ fridge would always be like a bunker full of food to face winter, whereas my apartment’s storage was some sort of like the farmer’s warehouse where the crops fail to produce. In essence, in parents’ house, despite of all rigid restrictions, I had an abundance of provision and care. Their presence were assurance of protection for me. Their absence is guarantee of warning to me.

Reflecting on this, I supposed to remember that I have the Father in heaven. In His presence, there is fullness of joy and abundance of provision. His absence was truly piercing and heart-shivering. Alas, how many times I have been misinterpreting His character as an austere quality control manager. His good and perfect intention was miscalibrated into anti-happiness scheme. Truly, had only I been had firmer faith on Him, I would have spent more days of peace and joy in God’s presence.

Since I began entering a professional world several months ago, I had been struggling to adjust from uni life into salaryman life. I understood that why my parents always urged me to save money as working is not as easy as breathing. Even breathing sometimes is difficult, isn’t it? Especially if you have a difficulties in paying attention to detail like me. I have been working on a setting which careful detail and critical thinking is a must. Whereas, I am a kind of person who cares little for now and forget-about-it later. It was a perfect mismatch. It was like asking LeBron James to defend against Lionel Messi. In these day-to-day worries, the presence of my manager whom always critically questions and challenges my assumption, I grew into a more detailed professional. Her presence in my days tempered the flow of my thoughts. When she decided to leave the company, I had even more challenge where I must be able to think as critically as if she was around, even though she was not. Responsibility rests with me.

Do you know that Jesus left His most ardent pupils when the pressure against their movements was on high? Ever wondered why? Me too, I have ever thought why did Jesus leave. Wouldn’t that be much better off if He stayed on the world forever as He is the eternal God? Surely the world would be like a paradiso if He is around. My reflection is that His presence was excellent for the development of His disciples. They could watch Jesus performing miracles, healing the sick, comforting the broken, teaching how to believe and stuffs. But… They were also much better off after Jesus left. As He promised that He would send another helper, the Holy Spirit into them, they were able to grow in faith, sober-minded, and have courage to own their own steps to spread the Good News.

Living a life where Jesus was absent had shaped my life. Furthermore, living the present in Jesus’ presence redeems the past and gives me hope and assurance that lights this current life and reveals the eternity. Would you want the same?