Where Has The Wednesday’s Steak Gone?



Meat and Wine’s wagyu steak. Image’s right belong to traveltipz.com.au

This week has been a sumptuous week for me. Prior to my conversion into a moderate-eating minded person, I once was a predator on the dining table. For the sake of greener future, I decided to follow the eating habit like an athlete, albeit only 10% of that grand mission being taken into place. Three days before this week coming, I had been anticipating on how splendid this should be. Starting with hearty  hotpot meals in abundant manner, I reverted back to my old rapacious manner. The pinnacle came on the midweek wednesday, the much anticipated and no-can-refuse meal, steak for dinner!

The old saying is true where they say no happiness can last long. As early as early morning on Thursday, my emotion began adrift to sluggish state. Once enthusiastically leaping every minute of the day looking forward to the day of tomorrow, then became so blank and emotionless. Really feeling is a bad navigator for this life.

My friend who worked as a nurse on a nursing home shared to me about the unique pattern there. She observed the nuns and priests who finished their period of serving and moved to nursing home are generally looked more enthusiastic and energetic about their daily life. They make up their own bed in the morning and visit one another room, whereas their “common people” counterparts are just motionless and looked so plain towards life. My take from this observation is that what makes a difference in their attitude is not their present condition, but it is what they have in the future. The former group have something to look forward to, they believe in the life after death, therefore they have reason to go through the day with a sense of joy and warmth that their future is rest assured in heaven.

Isn’t that gorgeous? Jesus admonished the disciples to not rejoice over the power of making miracles happen, but to cheerfully treasure that their very own names are written on the heaven’s record. I admit that most of the time, I miss to see the grace of God as opposite to apostle Paul’s wish when my situations become unpleasant. Whenever a discomfort come, my nerve begin to turn on its self-sufficiency mode as if I can handle every circumstance. Ironically, a sense of control only lead to false hope in ourself and at the end of the day, disappointment is all we could possibly get if we rely on our own. The wisest king, Solomon, beautifully summed it up in his sentence where he wrote blessed is the one who does not lean on his own understanding. Oh, how I affirm your words Solomon, blessed is the one who does not rely on his own effort to manufacture his own hope and joy! I believe that hope from the darling of heaven, Jesus, is certainly truer than a wednesday’s steak!


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