The King Who Stoops

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The story about a woman caught in the very act of adultery grabbed my attention. When I was a child, I had a perception that an adulterer is a very bad person. As I grow older, I started to think that the woman in the story is still not right, but I  have begun to understand her more. I simply believe I could not just blame and deride her as I read the story. What I have been gleaning from the Bible is, every story has deep intermitten message that has multiple layers within it. It is like going to mine a diamond, where when you think you have reached the optimum level to harvest, you still could dig more and yet find some more treasures.

Today I received a message about dealing with problems. That message was no uncommon and neither unconventional. Yet, I was like listening to a brand new medical breakthrough, rocket-science esque that deserves a nobel prize on its own. You know it when you hear that iceman’s punch type of message. A message that you have heard trillion times before, and for that one moment, everything starts to fall together within the reach of your understanding. That captivating 45 minutes of general topic was so inspiring that the drawers of my memories evoked a challenge to delve into my problems. Standing up and withstand with the torrent of freezing waterfall that fall upon my head is the feeling on how going through the problems that I have.

Most of the times, I admit that it is not that I do not know something has turned problematic, but the desire to live in comfort sparks my motivation to pretend that nothing is going wrong. Instead of waving that white flag in a chivalrious manner that I have problem with sleeping alone at home, I stay at my friend’s room and pretend I am okay with that.

However, even though we know we have problem with something, that does not mean we immediately know and have the power necessary to deal with it right? Even with a confidence like Superman, who wears his underwear in front, he still cannot stand with that luminous kryptonite. So do that adulterous woman, despite the fact that she was terribly broken inside and need the droplets of healings, she could not just manage it on her own. She needed a savior, so do we. Ever wonder why people are being illustrated as sheep in the Bible? A sheep is a helpless animal. When its horns were stuck on a fence or between rock’s cleavage, it will keep forcing and pushing. It is not that the ram does not know that he is stuck, but it is just that it does not know any other way to save his own life. That adulterer knew exactly that she was in despair, but she does not know her saviour.

On that day, when she was caught in the very act of adultery, I wonder if her deepest request is just a quick resolution upon her upcoming judgement. I bet she did not want any second of that public discussion about her fault. But she had no choice. Alas, that moment pf crisis turned out to be a moment of salvation for her. She was receiving more than she wanted for. She met Jesus. Jesus did not only came into the problem and rebuked that even the Pharisees were not guiltless, He even went further by pardoning her sins. Jesus is a God who bend His back to reach to His people. He is the King who stoops in merciful manner to save His children.

He reached down to our level and condition. All the rejections and pains are all covered by the warmth of His embrace. He rise us and places our feet on solid ground. Don’t you think this is an infallible foundation of truth that backs us to face our problem? We have confidence to embrace tomorrow because we have His grace that works magnificently in our struggles. Even though we failed Him every now and then, He does not stop, but He stoops to embrace us.

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