The Great Contrast

Images taken from here.

I have a dream, everybody has a dream. When I was child, I had dreamed to be a soccer superstar. Amazed by their stardom and personal greatness, I observed the news about them every single morning. It was seemed to me that the most important part of a newspaper is the sports section itself as if other news were just peripheral. One morning, the news broke that shook the world, at least to Real Madrid’s fans, about the unhappiness of Ronaldo. It is hard to believe a player with such stature could be distressed about his surroundings. In the game of football, he deserved to be ranked among the best. Goal-scoring ability? Top-class. Dribbling the ball? Out of this world. Stamina and fitness? Unbelievable. In terms of personal wealth and health, he’s an athlete. Meaning that he would surely be able to spend what commoners could and he could do any kind of activity with his health. What’s more?

On a night where Melbourne shows that it could be fierce with its weather, a stark contrast with its cool sunny morning, I met a young German standing alone near an apartment. Apparently we had a same reason why we stood in front of a perch around that time, waiting for the storm to cool its temper. Alas, it dawned on me that this young fella actually had nowhere to stay as he is a visitor with one-year working visa. He said that a small bowl of cornflakes was the meal of the day from a $16 dollar per night stay backpacker motel. What was the reason behind such a brave move to Melbourne I asked to this man, where he responded emphatically that he was a alcoholic with lack of education that made his situation complex, arriving in Melbourne with no relatives and limited money.

What a great contrast there is, even though they are both are foreigners, one is having incredible far more desirable lifestyle than the other. Is that lead to more happiness and gratefulness than the other? Not necessarily.

What a great contrast if they have found God as their Father. Jesus, the sent One, was willing to live such a contrasting life, stepped down from a life that magnificently exceeds all the life on the earth, just for the sake of saving us. The King whose supposed to receive all forms of offerings, adulation, and praise exchanged His position as a servant who bears the burden of many. Could you imagine a global superstar forsake all of this wealth and status just to die for the homeless? That is the true definition of a Saviour, the One who died for the well-being of many. Jesus brings us salvation, which on its original language means saving completely of one’s physical, mental, and spiritual condition. From all the lacking to all abundance.

Shouldn’t this be a reason for great happiness and content? That our guilt and fear are redeemed and exchanged with a status that we are God’s children through the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ?

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