Valuing Freedom

Friday, 17th of August is my countryland independence day. This year, it fell on the exact same day which the history was born 65 years ago. On Friday, 17th of August 1945, Indonesia finally established its identity as a nation after much enduring journey and thousand fights in anticipating the time when the land will really be free. It reminds me a true value of being a human, that is fighting for what truly dear to our heart, which at least any individual long for, a freedom. I mentioned on the previous post that happiness involve a sense in which we can feel that we have privilege to choose. Truly indeed, all treasures and riches no matter how abundant they might be, but if we are so restricted and every decision is no longer decision, everything will falter. However, I remember that so much valued independence comes with a cost, even it might cost someone life.

There is one very beautiful sentence that is written in the Book of Psalm, albeit it might seem very unbelieavable to you. Sorry for keep introducing a verse after verse from Psalm, but I have to admit that the scripts recorded in there glaring so much lately on my eyeballs. David wrote that better for a man to spend one single day in the House of God rather than a thousand day in the world. In fact, he added that being a housekeeeper, a mere time standing at the gate, is desirable and profitable to him compared to any other else. What’s so much about it? Is being in the House of God or church really worth it?

Should we examine how much does a thousand days worth? In order to understand what David was really saying here, let’s try to do a little calculation. As now I have started working, I can appreciate the value of single day even more. A package that consists of 24 hours does mean a lot to me where a single of it can do so much. Since I got paid with hourly rate, I understand even more that time is really valuable, not just like my uni days where time passing me by without any regards. How much more the value of a thousand days! Let’s assume people take a third of their time for rest, that leaves 2/3 for any other activity. That means 666.66 days available for work and play. Take half of it and you will have 333.33 days times 24 billable hours for salary. The remaining 333.33 days for hobby, sport, holiday to Madrid, shopping amd else. Wow, that’s truly a rack of time to be spend for! But, the question is are you willing to exchange it with only one single day, in the courts of the House of God, only standing at the front gate?

We value freedom and independence over our lives where we can express and stand for what wetruly believe. Essentially, that comes from the root where we long for an identity who is solid and trustworthy like a rock that can lead and guide us. We long for God whose wisdom is matchless and incomparable to direct our feet. Neglecting The Lord over all lead us to a sense of lost that assumes us that we have to lead and take control of everything. The real independence is dependence on The One whom truly faithful. Anticipating His tender voice from the merciful character.

Therefore, the church is the place where we wait anticipantly, eagerly looking forward to finally meet The Savior in a grandest moment ever to encapsulate all the journey of faith in this life. By doing so, we found happiness and joy flowing from trusting into a persona, who is really powerful and yet so loving. Would you choose that one single day?

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