The World of Reconcilliation

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Have ever been truly happy? I wonder if the answer to that question has ever been yes, even once. Despite I had seemingly fantastic weekends, peppered with good foods and friends, I still feel that time flies and I just go with it. I have been missing a sense of excitement and enthusiasm even though the sun regularly shows its shine. What’s going on here I thought, where in the midst of all abundance, I am still unhappy. Not to mention two articles I just read about my sports team’s superhero, Cristiano Ronaldo is rumoured to be unhappy and thus would like to leave the club. If this one man really unhappy, this could have massive dominos effect that make thousands unhappy as well, except the rival clubs of course.

Thinking through all that have been going, I long to have a value that truly could embrace me in the warmth of affection. Yesterday was the father’s day. Yes, I missed the affection of a father. It’s been a long time since I met my father, but, I believe there’s a greater longing inside my heart about the love of our Heavenly Father. The fact that Jesus humbled Himself to be born as a man’s baby, only to sacrifice Himself to die on the cross highlight the grand meaning of the world of reconciliation. It is so important to us that God Himself willing to die for such as us.

I work in the reconcilliation team at my office. Reconciling involves elements of mismatch, mistakes, and errors. There is absolutely no point to reconcile if there’s nothing gone wrong. The fact that the degree of separation is too vast to measure and too deep to bridge the gap, we need a mediator that mediates our trespasses with the Holy standard. Since the beginning, God was never intended to have hierarchical relationship with His people. Sin separates God and men, destroying familial relationship which was intended to be. God intended to be a Father for us and thus we have longing for the characters of a father. Humans have tried to bridge the gap on their own through the invention of religion. Alas, they missed the mark where religion fails to supply, namely the personality of a father. This is where Jesus come in, reconciling us to the Father God.

Jesus had cried Abba Father when He was tortured on Getshemane, hours before He was arrested. Abba Father is a deep cry of trust, submission, and dependancy upon God. Through His sufferings, He shows us the assurance of resting our fears and hope at the mightiness of the Father. He grants us the privilege to call the One whom we have been longing for as a Father, our Father. Once we were alienated from Him, through the remissions of Jesus’ blood, now we are reunited with the Father that supplies, sustains, and guides us in the walk of our life. Believing in Jesus whom the Father sent is the only way to the love of the Father which we have been longing for. Truly the garden of reconciliation is way much better than the dungeon of self-sustaining, and it is a place where we ought to be.

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