Happiness is Anticipating


I finally surrender that I could not just control time. Yelling to the time to stop when it comes to weekends is simply out of my authority. As the time felt like it becomes more and more slipping out of my hands, I start to think that waiting  for weekend is the actual joy. This is very encouraging when this thought dwelled upon my mind, I was pondering that waiting for heaven is the joy that I have been missing for. Facing day to day struggles while keeping dearly in your heart that Jesus Christ is coming again is really special. All the fears and doubts on whether we are truly loved by the people surrounds us are banished by the hope and assurance that your name is written in heaven. Grace of God that came down to us and reach us and salvage us grants confident hope that we will have our eternal home in heaven.

The Lord is not obliged to grant us joy, but as far as we wait patiently upon God’s salvaging power, we could see the sweetness of His mercy like David did. Jesus said that the people, who liked His words, will see that Jesus and the Father are one and He will manifest Himself in the life of the believers. That moment, believers will see that even though their sins are as red as crimson, shall see the redemption if it whiter than the snow. This beautifully written promise by Isaiah assured us that our happiness is rest assured on the Faithful One who has planned the redemptive plan for our joy. The repeated sinfulness and weaknesses shall be pure, without wrinkles, and innocent as we partake in the merciful work of God.

Anticipating is like planting a plant. Waiting eagerly to see the seeds grow might seem daunting to start, but we will only see the fruits when we start to sow the seeds. We can only plant and water, but God grants the growth graciously. God’s graciousness enable us to see the fruits. We can only allow the seeds, Word of God, to be spread among the soil, but, it is God whom will give the growth and fruits. We cannot force and with our own effort to bear our own fruits, Spirit of God drives the fruits. Unless driven by Spirit out of gratitude that we have been saved, our good deeds will be as fake as a mere drama.

I heard a phrase ‘Benefit of a doubt’ quite often recently. Doubt is beneficial as we anticipate the coming of the Lord, it challenges us to question whether we truly believe God, or if we haven’t, we might need to ask why we didn’t believe in the whom who God has sent? Why we haven’t eagerly anticipate His salvation and confidently hope that He will come to rescue us from whatever struggles we are facing now?

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