Finding Happiness

This post is taken from my notes of today’s sermon from Psalm 1:2-3, about happiness.

The apex of all humans pursuit is happiness. What seems that God doesn’t go for our happiness is because of the deceptions that His laws contain ‘Don’ts’. These don’ts might sound restrictive and we don’t like to hear them, but actually God wants to show the real source of happiness.

Delights mean to feel great favor, finding favorites, take a great pleasure, to have satisfaction. In essence, Bible calls happy people for those who finds satisfaction and his favorites are God’s Word.

How delights actually happen? Delighrs take place when we find intrinsic values within the object. Why examining delights is important? Delights is really the source of happiness. When a marriage doesn’t produce any more happiness, it means each couple doesn’t take delight in each other anymore. Hence, the pursuit of happiness is the question about finding the qualities in God’s Word that contains great pleasure in it. The spiritual happiness, as we are soul being, is in line with living in God’s Word, not otherwise.

Jesus said that whomsoever seeks, He shall find. The question is have we seek happiness from Jesus? We will always seek for fulfillment, in one extreme or the another. Delighting in God’s Word absorbs us and leave no room for other. Keeping or holding pleasure in David’s Psalm chapter 119, is from the same saying with delights. It is the matter of dwell in the God’s sayings, meditates day and night, occupied and overwhelmed by the beauty of the Word.

Andy Stanley’s principle of the path taught me a strong message that our intention does not really matter inasmuch as our steps. What we usually try to use in finding our happiness, indicates how much we put our hope into it and will shape our future. Guess what? Depending on its temporal ability to grants false satisfaction, it will fade its shine sooner or later. When we so get used into using that object to fill our hope for happiness, that means we have already sinked deep into a submarine that could sinks (uncontrollably) at anytime. Learning to find happiness in the Word is impossible if we don’t allow the beauty of the Word to captivate us and sink deeper in our heart. Jesus patiently awaits and invites us to steps by steps turning back into the most important yet very simple principle, that is dwelling in His Words. Oh, really happy are those whose habit is thinking the jewel of the truth (I haven’t gotten into there either).

Our choice to choose His Words determines our future. But, wait, what will happen if we have found delights in God’s Word?

Three things recorded from the book of Psalm:
1. Like a tree planted by streams of water
First and foremost, it guarantees stability. When the winds blow, and the storms come, you shall be firm and adamant as you are deep rooted on His faithfullness. None can sway you around. More importantly, it is planted near a irrigation system, which means that your needs is constantly supplied throughout your life, independent of any weather or season.

2. Fruits at the due time
The real proof and indicator that you are well-rooted is that you bear fruits. Productive and brings good not only to others but also for yourself, your satisfaction.

3. Whatever he does will prosper
Word of God never fails and He plans everything for your good. He wants the goodness for you and happiness in overflow in your life. Whatever we do will always be successful if you follow His infallible laws. It is an issue about which principles we are believing and following on. Prosper is the byproducts, not the core of our happiness. The vital part of our happiness lies on whether our heart drinks its delights on meditating God’s word. The joy of reading His words is through that, we meet Jesus’ personalities as His Words contain His heart.

“A Bible that is torn apart from extensive use, usually belongs to people whose life is on the contrary condition of his bible.”

Isaiah has written that happiness belongs to those who inclined their ears into God’s voice. The word used there is synonimously used with righteouness,  at least on my Indonesian translation, that it will flow infinitely like waves on the sea if we heed God’s commandments. On the great exchange of righteousness at the cross, Jesus has redeemed your life with one demand, that you will lie and exchange all of your burdens that restrict your happiness, with the joy and delights in His salvation. Will you?

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