Can You See Happiness?

I have been thinking that happiness is before and after work hours, especially on weekends. I had believed that I should work in tortuous manner, so that I can buy the long-awaited weekend that could really delights me. Even on the weekend, I would have been looking into the next weekend as I would really wish I could skip the five-days working straight into Saturday. No wonder that there is a term called T.G.I.F. as that might be the only reason why we keep working and live. Sadly enough, there is no single weekends and holidays that could really, really, and really delights and absorbs my state of being into fullness of joy. If the thing that we hope could really fill our joy fails to shine its promise, it means we have searched at the wrong place, haven’t we?

Life is about fulfilment, it only matters whether we really know what really fulfills us. Many throw themselves into things that ensnares instead of satisfy. Pride, pleasure, treasure are the things on the earth that distracts us, bringing empty promises that would never satisfy. The way we use our body to interacts with the world determines the gate into happiness. In other words, your ears, eyes, and belief affects your happiness. What if I would like to introduce the new partner of happiness, long-forgotten dear sister of happiness, which is… holiness? Happiness and holiness seemed mutually exclusive, rather they are both stemmed in one package of grace and truth. The devil lies that holiness is all about suppressing human’s inclination toward finding joy and delights while the reality is that spiritual satisfaction goes hand in hand with righteousness.

A lot of research say that human’s happiness is depends on whether we have choice, as written by Gladwell. It stems from the very root that we have unbelief towards God, that we would like to be our own god. We love to control and provide everything so that we can be sure our supply of happiness keep flowing. We fret, we worry in trying to secure our path and future. In other terms, certainty is the basis that we lie upon our happiness. When we feel we can control everything, we feel happy. In the opposite, situations that out of our reach drive us feel devastated. Everyone longs for certainty, and what only certain is rightly on the God’s Words alone. Al the things of the earth shall pass, but His Words is eternal. When you base your hope on the right foundation, happiness and peace are right assured.

Happiness in seeing and receiving your forgiveness through Christ. It is a matter of knowledge to know what your treasure is, what your forgiveness is based upon, in the deep mercy and vast grace of God. Even the tiniest of Christ is far better than the grandeour of the worldly treasures. A bit revelation of God’s glorious forgiveness on the cross is far more beneficial than any possession. Moses desired beyond guidance and blessings, He was desperate God’s glory Himself. How shameful it is as I had not even wanted God’s counsel and provisions, that instead I trust myself to gain my own happiness? Unless by the empowerment of the gracious Spirit, we could not taste the real definition of happiness. The beauty of beholding God is that it’s not only give us joy, but it also won’t leave us unchanged. One of the beautiful things by following Jesus is that we are trained not to gain victory, but we train as victors. The reward of the finished triumph is God Himself, not the blessings. Truly the true blessedness is possessing nothing and holding the true truth.

Without holiness, none can see The Lord. But many will ask, why do we need to see the Lord? Delighting on the Word of God opens the way to see God. However, how many people could see the Word of God as a life-giving attributes rather than tedious set of rules? We need Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit Himself, to see the truth, and handle the truth. Many could hear and see the truth, but we won’t change unless the Spirit reveals to us. Then only we could worship in the spirit and the truth as Jesus wants to share during His life on earth. As Holy Spirit comforts and reveal the Truth, we could fully start to grasp the magnificence of God and gains real satisfaction in Him.

Melbourne’s weather often dark and cloudy, stimulating low mood and depressed feeling. I cannot see the sun but I know it will always rise faithfully every morning, so Does God He will always rise to bless. We cannot control and make sure that the sun will rise every morning, nor the weather forecast bureau could do any better. Better it be that we surrender our pursuit of happiness into the Maker and Inventor of happiness Himself. Let the moment when you want to cry, ‘I cannot fight it anymore”, be a moment that you cry out to God, “I surrender it all.”

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