How to Fully Quench Your Thirst?

Whenever the time ticks to 4 pm, particularly on Friday, my heart leaped enthusiastically as it indicates the office hours is almost over. The plethora of thoughts about the kinds of activities I would like to do spring up, each yelling to be considered worthy of time. All the pressure and demands from workplace stirs up an emotion where yearning for gratification and satisfaction in equal or more proportion than the weights of the work. I have always felt that I need to compensate the stack of hours consumed for work by pleasurable activities. There is hunger and thirst within my heart to be fed with panacea from the world of entertainment. While staring blankly at my desktop, I usually daydream whether a choc or banana ice from local cinema would strike the joy for my heart.

In the book of Jeremiah, God addressed Himself as the source of living water. Similarly, it is recorded in the gospel of John that Jesus also calls Himself the living water. Water is a liquid that has the ‘Capillary Action‘ capability. It could move through pores without any assistive force. When you allow Jesus to be your saviour, He is able to permeate through the veins and roots of your deepest heart to heal and freshens the dry grounds. Drink more and it will be more fertile enough to bear fruits as the soil that receives enough irrigation. Obviously you would not be able to produce your own carrot and onions, but in Paul’s letter to Galatians, the fruits will be like joy and peace abundant in your life. You will have completely different life as a garden with a fountain will definitely has its plantations alive and well through Jesus’ mercy and grace. It is the fountain that would never be dried up, and will always satisfy. More phenomenally, Jesus also revealed His identity that besides He could sprinkle some freshness into your dry bones, He is also the living bread to comfort and fulfil your hunger. More than a McDonald’s happy meal deal, Jesus satisfies both your thirst and hunger as He addressed the very longing that stemmed from our heart.

It is the fountain that would never be dried up, and will always satisfy.

In contrast, others human-efforts to satisfy that are labelled as broken cisterns by God. They are mere jugs and dams to hold water for daily necessities where they don’t even have the source nor capability to produce water themselves as it depends on rainfall to fill the tank. In other words, people of Israel at that time might forcefully try to manufacture or invent a system where they could gain satisfaction from, only that those things are hugely dependant on other source.

Maybe living as a Jesus’s follower seemed daunting at first as they involve daily prayer and devotion. However, other things meretriciously deceitful and fail to satisfy, only give empty hopes and false dreams. If we constantly feel dry and empty, no matter how abundant resources that we have spent to quench our thirst yet to no avail, we should start consider Jesus that is the way to live our life to its fullest. Living beyond here and now for eternity where we could continuously drink and eat for our soul, forever.

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