Holy Spirit, The Gift from the Lone Sacrificial Lamb

In the Book of Leviticus, a lamb was released on a particular desert alone, as a token of redemption. At that time, no good deeds could save their face from the justice of The Holy and Just God, thus they need another offering as a sacrifice in which they could hope to receive pardon. The lamb itself must be special in every way, without any spots and wrinkles, must be healthy and fat, and pleasingly good in any means. The lamb who always created in need of a shepherd, someone who is able to lead and give providence of supplies to its life, is forsaken alone without any guidance in the cruel heat and torturing cold.

Imagine how this perfect lamb, was treated all along this way, in essence, belong to the ‘royal grade’ of the livestocks, now being released without no one to accompany to redeem the sinners? It has been an obligation to have someone accompanying queen or king as the assistant to do trivial matters. and now the lamb is all alone? Redeeming our sense of lost and fatherlessness? It was all done with glorious purpose in Christ for our sake:

The role of parents in the child’s development is essential. They greatly shape how kids will grow and rooted their belief upon. The role of a provider, as the other side of a leader is crucial. It is absolutely nonsensical to hope that a child will have faith on God if the parents do not translate the gospel into flesh. The development of faith begins from home as home is the very initial place where Grace manifests.

It was recorded that Jesus’ followers were asked to wait until they were endued with power. Waiting is not easy, even more when the period of waiting was undefined. After they prayed and obeyed fervently, the wind blew massively and washes them with the power to heal and encouragement to go out to be the heralds of the gospel. They were dead in their fears, doubts, and anxieties then were breathed with inspirations from The Lord so that they could be equipped to serve The Lord’s mission. Holy Spirit was working in them when they were revealed the truth and enabled them to speak in foreign languanges in all utterance of the gospel. God perfectly knows and symphatytizes with our limitations and struggles, and He acts for them by granting the Spirit as our eternal helper.

Prone to God
1 Peter 2 reveals that our propensity to go astray, is healed by His stripes. That now we have tendencies to love God. Sheeps are prone to lost, deception, and hurts. But with the lead of the Holy Spirit, we are led to God. As each human is craving towards love and fulfillment, everyone is prone and vulnerable to God. Its just a matter of whether God, with His open arms and pierced hands, or gods, with all empty promises and hollow fulfillmets, that we are running to. In the midst of lost, do we run through persistenly and stubbornly into the wires on the fences, that will severely hurts us, or do we run to our Overseer and Sheperd, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, whose faithfulness is great and immeasurable, in each morning and evening.

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