What We are Saved From, What For Then

Perhaps, many people wonder what is the importance of saving from as they could not relate what they are saved for. As irrelevant as studying archaic mummy under microscope, perhaps it is as the same as understanding why we should consider the gospel. The fulcrum of our salvation is Jesus, and through His sacrifice, we are saved both from eternal damnation, as well as for or life in this earth. Had Jesus not died on the cross redeeming our sins, we would have no power to emerge as a victor in this walk of life. What does living a victorious life mean? The opposite of victor is a victim, someone who suffered and experienced a lot of tortures from the slavemaster. In other words, living as a victor means that we walk this life based on the collossal triumph over death and life that has been claimed over two centuries ago at the cross. We have the power to walk this life, fulfilling His call through the empowerment of His grace.

Alas, even people who confess that they believe in Jesus, may not be able to have comprehensive view about the purpose of the calling. It is as if an orphan saved from a slump, but still love to wallowing in the rubbish room of the noble’s manor. What might be an astounding fact, the more we have in touch with the ministry, it might hide our spiritual illiteracy more and more.

Why God use tree as an illustration ? Tree has roots, grounding more and more and as it grows, its absorbing capacity grows. Its become stronger as it could draw more nutrients from the mother earth. Grow taller and be able to see more of the glory of the Sun, worshipping its glorious ray of mercy.

I wonder if we should keep questioning the gospel everyday, not in the spirit of skepticism, but for the sake of curiosity.

The Book of Psalms said, a man who trusts on God is like a tree planted on near a river. Why did the author, King David, used this kind of illustration? I bet he was not just rampantly chose any imagery that would have fitted the message he was trying to say. From my interpretation, a tree needs two basic elements from nature, they are sunlights and water.

1. Water

A tree absorbs water that is vital for its growth and sustainability through its roots. The problem of a life of a tree might be the texture of the soil which its planted upon. If the soil is rough and far from a watersource, it roots might got stucked and unable to draw liquids in necessary amounts, resulting in dry body and its veins suffer. On top of that, water is essential for regulatory system in our body to transport all the harmful chemicals and molecules out of its body, as a cleansing tool. So does the salvation from God is essential not only to sustain us, but also to cleanse us from our guilt and iniquities so that we might be set free and fresh in His radiant love.

2. Sunlight

A tree’s life is essentially dependant on the amount of sunray it receives. It grows worshipping the sun just like a human being supposedly needs the proper amount sunrays. People would get depressed and its mental becomes unhelathy if its lacking of sunrays, which is essential in Vitamin D. reproduction. Alas, what is far more crucial to the well-being of a human is its soul that needs an object that shines so bright and powerfull eternally at the center of the world. Without that, the vacuum inside the heart might be too unbearable that needs anaesthetic, that only lasts temporarily before the heart craves for further and stronger numbing pain-killers.

All in all, our life is illustrated as a plant by Jesus is not for no reason. He stressed that we are like the branches where He is the vine. We could take our supply for life, only if we are attached to Him as our sole fountain of joy and hope. In other words, we are dead if we are cut-off from His infinite mercy and love. We might still be able to stroll and swallow, but we are dead inside and other forms of fulfillments are only mere numb-killers or painkillers as if infusing formaldehyde into a dead body. Indeed, we really should accept the invitation to live a life that is really alive by the power of His love and sacrifice. Only then we could live that truly satisfying, joyful, and full of hope in the faithful One that never fails, a life that everyone envies and try to achieve through any other means, that only bears disappointment and hollowness. I would like to close with this:

“People see everything through the lens of their obsessions.”

Francine Prose


“Everything looks beautiful through the lens of the gospel.”

Have a joyful life in Christ!

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