Living a Life-Giving Life

A lot of people living their life in counting the number of minutes, hours, and days that have passed them by. For those who are fortunate, they are able to find their ultimate, yet so dynamic calling that devoting everything revolves around one idea sounds as an absolute necessity. Entrepreneurs, designers, innovators, politicians, nurses, soldiers and numerous other noble occupations have their own cause and will to build and accomplish in their life. In essence, fulfilling the goals is not as vital as in building the steps towards the vision itself. Countless entrepreneurs have achieved what deemed as “more than enough” for majority of households, alas they keep striving to build one venture to another one. Hence, a certain individual will willingly give his/her life in order to accomplish the vision by channeling his passion, sacrificing what they might already posses in life to get there. In several notably cases, borrowing Jerry Porras term as a “builder” in his bestselling book, Success Built to Last, they are the people who fight to achieve their sense of purpose in this world at the expense of health, personal comfort and convenience, and even their family.

Reading that book captivates my attention toward my life inasmuch reading Os Guinness’ book, The Call. The face-punching messages have stirred a storm in my heart in regards to what is the thing that is really essential that, in all privilege, is able to be uniquely produced by my life. Considering that the possibilities are too vast as counting the waves on the ocean, I believe it is best to see the example of the glorious master designer, God Himself. I believe that salvation, both in this current and later life, is the primary purpose of Jesus’ live on earth. Besides that, I also believe that Jesus has laid an example on how to truly live the call with exceeding sweetness and joy. The darling of heaven is willingly laid down His crown and dismantle His robe of all glory, only to plunge into this fallen realm of living in order to snatch and save His beloved. If that’s has been supposedly heart-moving display, then realising how many battles He has gone through it all would be more shivering.

You might feel how irrelevant gospel is to your peer-labelled miserable life. You might feel that a lot of aspects in your life do not fit the gospel. In fact, its a matter of where you running to when you faced with struggle. The gospel is the fulcrum in this life, it is not a matter whether how you can fit in into the gospel, but its a matter of how to offloads the unnecessary baggages that distract your perspective from the gospel. Every human in this world might have experienced a breakdown, regardless what kind of experiences that drive the major disruptions in their life. Fortunately, I believe everything happen for a reason, a reason for our good. Just like Leonard Cohen’s lyrics in his song Anthem,

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the lights gets in.”

that this quote is attributed to a quote by a Zen monk, Spike Milligan,

“Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light.” 

On His famous sermon on the mount, Jesus admonishes and called the people who might seem as poor in the eyes of the world as blessed. Jesus assures us that in this life, it is not what we thought great is really great, but it is His purpose and call that enables us to live a life that is worth living. Today’s troubles and challenges are only the opportunity which we can see through them as windows that allow us to comprehend there is another world that is far greater that present universe, thus a live in the present is worth living for the sake of tomorrow. Do I know how to be a miracle for others? No. Do I able to persistently following Jesus as an example?  Neither. Despite of our limitations to live the calling, we should focus and awake to His love that starts our calling. We are not the source of life, but at least we can be the reflector of the source of life HImself, through absorbing and channeling His finished works at the cross so that His blessed radiance may illuminate ours and others’ lives. Truly, we might only gain life by losing our life, just as the Designer of this Life has voiced.

“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.”

Louise Smith.

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