The Real Battle

I would like to share my sermon notes from the message I received today here on my blog. Today’s sermon is drawn from the passage where Moses ordered the twelve appointed scouts to extract as many information as possible about the Land of Canaan. From this event, we could learn several points below:

We divide our attentions on too many things in life, missing the real battle to focus on. Our primary enemy is not externals like people, finance, health; rather it is our internal one, that is the battle of unbelief.


There is nothing wrong with mining for information, but we must that we have tendencies to rely on subjective opinions. Faith is not about walking blindly while neglecting the facts of life. What is dangeous is how we are dealing with the information.

“Their faith is not build on sand of their self-convinced determination, rather its build on rock-solid foundation of God’s character.”

The way we perceive information is the key of difference. The ten scouts voiced ever intensified disbeliefs in trembilng and fear, while only Caleb and Joshua believed in the God’s promised land of Canaan. The ten sighters were so preoccupied with the intimidating presence of their enemies and their heart-sinking inferiority, putting God’s magnificence out of equation. Whereas, Joshua and Caleb fervently confessing that God’s favor will grant them the fulfillment of His promise. Their faith is not build on sand of their self-convinced determination, rather its build on rock-solid foundation of God’s character.

According to research in business field, among the companies that faced similar threatening conditions, some progressed while some deteriorated. The difference lies not on the reality, but on the way the managers interpreted the problems. During the tumultous period and amidst chaos, what is crucially needed is God-centered heart, not problem-focused mind. When these terrifying moments come, it shows our true character, who we really are and who we fully relied upon. We may grow up, but that doesn’t mean we should lose our art of believing on the One that protect us. Childlike faith is always seeking protection and comfort from people that are stronger than them, whenever they face the challenge that is bigger than them.

When Jesus replied to Peter to come and walk on the water, he was so captivated by the majestic charm that Jesus had, until he forgot to doubt on himself whether he could walk on the water. As he walked few steps, he began to doubt how on earth he could make those stops, and he started sinking. When people begin to turn away their focus from convincing Jesus to the doubtful their capabilities, they will gradually drowning. Unbelief always produce fears, and will eventually lead to misbelieving. Wrong believing produces wrong living, rebellion from God’s provision. Jesus commandeth not to fear with power that is potent only to debase our physical conditions, but fear the One and only that could banish both physical and spiritual. Amazingly, fear of the Lord excavates all other fears.

The fruits of unbeliefs are many. Doubts giving birth to fears, fears lead to us cursing others. The question is not whether God remembers us, but the vitally imperative question is do we remember God? It is so important to remember that God is merciful and loving when all the facts contradict our faith. Otherwise, bitterness will creep in and lead us stray away from God, which will worsen our conditions.

When Job was in despair and his conditions had been severely damaged, while even his wife was mocking his faith, he was not blaming God for even once about all of his calamities. Boasting our problems is insulting God. What killed the ten tribes of Israel is not the overpowering enemies’ force, but rather their unbelief.  Belief delivers Joshua and his tribe to see of victorious, witnessing the promise of God fulfilled.

What to win at the race of faith? How to win that battle of faith?
The overwhelming joy and peace are the fruits for the ones who believe. Seek enthusiastically about the knowledge of God and let God truth embraces us. Run with the focus and dream on Jesus through His words, that is the portrait of His character. We will eventually see how faithful He is and see our life at its fullest. Feasting at the Lord’s table, before your enemies at the battle.

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