Jesus is The Peacemaker

Have you ever get easily irritated by someone?

I have and I am. Even at the jolliest weekend I have, I might be easily tempted to be irritated when I see a string of behaviours those are unacceptable in my standard. I grasped how easy I am to be irritated with my peers’ actions after I had worked full-time at my office. The stress and pressure gained from work only exasperate the annoyance in my heart. I often think that I am a patient person and I able to bear one another in love. Alas, I miss the facts that more often than not, I got mad at someone. Why bother with this you might ask? Isn’t that normal as human you might be wondering right now. Unquestionably, that’s true where human will always have their boiling point. But, what I am trying to say is isn’t it better to examine why did I go mad easily as it’s not only absorb so much precious time of my life that better spent on far valuable moments of gratitude.

God’s love is shown through our unity. He said that means that He was really meant it. He knows that we will eventually hurt and injured one another. Through our commission and omission, we trespass for and against the other. How could we say that our God is a God of love when we live as if God was permissible towards fight and strife? God urges us to pursue peace with others:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Matthew 5:9 NIV)

When I was cleaning up my room, my housemate remarked a remarkable comment. He said that religion has created a stigma where humans were labelling and categorising each other rather than embracing the spirit of inclusiveness. I found out that his casual comment, as he was saying it while stared at his favourite YouTube tutorial videos, was interesting enough to make my mind reflect on how my perception has been strongly shaped by people’s faith. Either I learned from the culture where I grew up or I naturally carved my own views toward people, I have tendency to put certain people on certain category. Its more than whether people believe in God or not, I tend to divide further on what kind of streams that people are living their faith.

Unintentionally, I create barriers toward  one another. No wonder that I have been unable to accept and love people just the way they are as there is a mental of divisive within me. How ironic to miss the mark which Jesus Himself was vehemently fighting for during His entire time at the earth. He was fighting for unity and peace. Wherever He went to, whatever place He resided in, He had always carried the peace with Him. The culture might be exclusive at that time, but Jesus embraced spirit of inclusion where He warmly welcomed tax collectors, adulterer, thief, and even His haters! In the world where unity has grown increasingly become a rare commodity, we need a reason that may hold us together in tackling world’s problems. Religion may divide us, but Jesus unites us. He poured rain, as it has always been vital for the growth of crops across the globe – our main source of food, for all people. Let us learn His call to embrace one another in love, accepting all the differences and conflicts that might exist.

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