Believing Matters

Have you ever believed at a certain thing?

Many Christians live as if it does not make any difference whether they believe in Jesus or not. Alas, they live as the non-believers do, which only show to the neighbors that believing in God does not really matter. It is like living without windows, unlike other beliefs, to the other realm of Spirit that really able to empower us. We worship our work, work at play, and play at our worship. Everything is put into disorder as we miss the center that holds everything together, the Christ. How ironic is to live a believer’s life but rather obstructing and place limitations on the power of God to salvage us.

Power of prayer is real. I have been able to sleep sweet and tight for the past few days after I got prayed for peace and restfulness in my cell group. More often than not, I perceive that prayer is lacking its power lately as I don’t see many manifestations take place around me. Then, I started to think that what if it was not God that is idle, rather it was me who lacks in faith. What if without my realisation, I have been putting my trusts only in the things which I can see? Instead of placing hope in the God who calls the nature to come into form before it existed before, I trust more on the scenarios that I can draw in my head?

Without faith is impossible to please God, without the Spirit’s works is nonsense to please God, without Spirit it is unfathomable to have faith. It is one thing to know that a certain thing exists yet we do not care, but it is a completely different thing to believe in the validity of a truth. Believing is like playing ice-skating above a layer of ice, where you know that freezing water waiting you below, yet you believe that the frozen surface is strong enough to hold you. It is not only acknowledging the fact that such surface exists, but you also linger your hope in that belief, where you might be severely affected had it not real. God says that He is the reward who found by those who believe fervently that He is exist and able to satisfy our soul. It has direct implication over our lives.

Believing that God exists would empower us to believe that as He lives, He is also our redeemer. It enables us to confess that we are dead to sin, alive to the Spirit by having freed from the law of sin, and alive into law of righteousness. The old habits those are destructive and addictive are passed away and replaced by the good deeds inspired by the compelling force of His love. One friend shared to me about The Power of Habit audiobook which he was just recently listened to. It was about how all our disruptive behaviours could be replaced by beneficial series of acts, if we are inspired to the greater things than us. In order to break free from our current unfavourable conditions, we need someone who is greater and stronger to salvage us from drowning. Jesus has laid up His live on the cross for us, the question is whether we are willing to respond and grab His stretching arms those are desperately to lift and hug us in His embrace.

Empowerment of the Spirit is in contrast with living righteously and obsessing the law to gain God’s favor. Right living is the fruit of right believing. It is what we believe on the inside that springs a stream of actions on the outside. Believing on the right thing evokes chain of byproducts, including the ones that are unfavourable if you believe on the harmful things. If we keep moving on without stop, relentlessly trying to be tired, in a sense that we keep working week in and week out, we would never get a chance to allow God to hear God’s voice. God is continuously speaking, the question is have we ever allowed Him to sink His words to our heart? By not believing that God is in control, we believe that we are God. We do what we believe, that is trying to juggle everything by very own power and the results are fairly predictable: worry, stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Believing might seem a very trivial and boring idea to do, however, God says that whoever believes in Him will find perfect peace, and He does really mean that. Stop, reflect, confess that He is God-regardless on how our feelings might be at that time, and just believe, He will never fail you.

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