Passing is Communication

Undoubtedly despite you doubt it, Spain is the most calm and collected team of all Euro 2012 contestants. No matter how colossal and fierce the opponent’s guardians are, they would remain still and pass the ball with incredible amount of relax there. What’s worth mentioning is they often play without a center forward in a game where scoring a goal is the vital way to win a match. If the midfielder that was deployed to attack has the height and strength necessary to accomodate the power of opposite’s defenders, then it would be fine. Ola Toivonen from Sweden for example, who can play both at the heart of midfield as well as the central point of attack. Alas, Cesc Fabregas, who is technically played in between two inverted wide midfielders – wingers, is quite small in comparison to the average heights of opponents centrebacks.

Instead of being mercilessly dominated throghout the match, they have always hold the possesion far more than their opposition, suffocating the more physical opponents to death. This phenomena that occurs almost every single game that Spain had in EURO stimulated my thinking. Had I were Cesc, or any other diminutive attackers, during a match where the entire nation’s hope rest upon my touch on the ball, I would have terribly terrified to even control the ball properly, let alone scoring a match-deciding goal or assist. Rather than pass the ball accurately like an archer shooting the bullseye, I would rather be similar to a chef that is cooking a scrambled egg.

Doesn’t this reflect my faith in God?

How often I try to control everything and fight to know what I don’t have to know and do what I am not supposed even care to do? Countless times. Instead of placing God at the center of my world, I place my pride at the cental of my universe. The supposed to be controllable act, becomes as huge as if it was a Continental cup match. Worse, the stress and anxiety levels skyrocketed through the roof beyond my control and consciousness. Trapped in such condition is worse than facing two giants defenders all alone as the numbers seemed quadrupled in my perspective. I just didn’t have the confidence and comfort at the ball, in other words, I didn’t have the faith in the Cross of the Redeemer that sustains my life. The ignorable events become troublesome problems.

I prayed that I had the passing ability, in terms of communication in constant and smooth manner with God, that I may be blessed with His peace and comfort in every aspect of my life. Where the the entire Spain squad might be encouraged through passing the ball to one another to score a goal in the end, let my spirit be lifted up through communication and sharing with God and fellow believers. Just like the Spanish footballers, whom have faith in the words of their fatherly coach in the person of Vicente del Bosque, may I have the comfort and confidence in the Words of Father God, through trusting His character, in every challenge that this life may bring.

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