The Faithful One for the Faithless One: Praise, Worship, and Stress

I was greatly inspired when I read Calvin Coolidge quotes, that saying men is only begin to grow once they begin to worship. The quotation from 30th United States president was so persistent and echoing in my head. Why did he say that? From my own reflection, it might be when you start to not only love something, but worship the thing, you will begin to persevere and fight for it. I love to play FIFA soccer games on PlayStation 3. I always try to have a chance to play it once every single day, and when anything obstructs my way, I try persistently fighting for it. It is not a hobby anymore, it has turned into an obsession.

Worship is something that we excitedly love to do in regular basis and in unrestricted amount of time as possible, and hoping to gain more and more from that. Ironically, what is supposed to be a desire to cultivate the talents that we have been granted upon might turn out in ferocious form as an addiction to indulge in self-serving habits. The more we delve into it, the more it stimulates our craving. From my own experience, the more I thought about money, the more my heart clings into it as if it was my master and saviour. The natural tendency to do something regularly and improving it to serve the purpose of my call is distorted into monstrous additction as a result of sin, the separation of fulfillment besides God.

I read an insightful article from that pierces my heart as if God spoke Himself to me:

Root of Stress

There is something that needs to be done on this earth that can only be done by you. Much of the stress that we carry springs from the fact that we don’t know who we are or where we are going. Even Christians who know that ultimately they are going to heaven when they die, are still anxious in this lifetime because they do not really know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them. If we are not merciless to our sin, it will be merciless to us.

Sin enslaves, ensnares, it is a cruel master. It breeds fear, worry, anxiety, and stress as the love, hope, and faith are abstain within us. It is impossible to have faith and fear at the same time as praise and stress is mutually exclusive. It is completely human that our natural tendencies are to look, respond, and feel as whatever our circumstances persuade us to believe. But, in the Book of Number, Moses erected a bronze serpent as a towering symbol of God’s protection and care. We need something physical and tangible to place our faith upon, don’t we? How many people you see in your lives that believe in superstitions like bearing a “sacred” stone wherever they go to avoid misfortune, or more oddly, wearing underwear inside out? God understands our inclination to worry and panic if we don’t have something to gaze upon, that He lavishes His love and grace at the towering heights of the glorious cross for us to believe and absorb God’s loveliness, instead of suffering and constantly preoccupied with our external and internal calamity.

Hence, we begin to worship when we, finally, admit our hopelessness of saving ourself, and declare surrender to God where joy might come as the endurance of the suffering. Pride is believing that we can do things tonplease Lord on our own, albeit it might seem honorable. Thus, I tried and tried to hastily run here and there to prove my sense of control, only arriving at the pinnacle of stress. My sense of pride deepening the mixed up between pride and grace as the root of my servanthood. I need God’s grace as my cure more and more as God’s grace chips my pride gradually, giving birth to the humility.

Faith opens the gate of God’s blessings as its acknowledge that God only is the source of our strength and sustenance as we set for the eternity, hope for departing the world which we are not belong to. If we have realised that our discomforts on this earth is rooted in our sense of eternity, like what is written in the book of Ecclesiastes, we would have realised that there are reasons behind our existence on this earth. Many labelled it as calling or purpose on this life.

Furthermore the notion of calling itself needs to be carefully examined as if we lose our awareness, the calling itself might only serve as a mean to achieve material prosperity as opposed to the abundance inside the soul. The tricky question is whether we serve our call truly for God or merely to justify ourself as a redeemed and worthy to earn God’s blessings. It is a totally different story whether we serve out of grateful heart or out of pride. Most of the time, I confuse the two by stating to myself that I want to serve the Lord, but rather do that for the sake of indulging in the excitement of the activities.

God’s call is corporate as well as truly personal as Os Guiness said on his book, The Call. I must not forgot that The Spirit only that enables me to do the work for the others, while in turn I am blessed as well by the works of the others. Obviously, I must remain vigilant that serving the Lord is not one man show, and would never be.

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