A Ticket for Heaven’s (not heavenly) Concert

The question of on how does it feel to live like as someone who believes in Jesus is like purchasing a ticket for a concert. I have a friend who is a very dear and fond of Korean pop stars, namely the global wondrous SNSD girl-band. He shared to me last night concerning his life as a believer that, what was his attitude toward the K-Pop’s concert was supposedly what he has in believing towards the Lord. As I listened to his points, I was inspired, yet at the same time had my faith challenged by his statements. It is quite an ironic that I have believed in Jesus for several years, yet I have never had such excitement and anticipation towards the date of the concert, read: the day when Jesus come again.

When you buy a ticket for a show, even before the sale date started, you have been terrified by the possibility of getting the ticket, don’t you? I was extremely excited to watch WWE live wrestling event, even when none of my friends could see why was I so jubilant. It is just the nature of excitement isn’t it? None but you could be excited, as the thing holds true value only on your eyes.

We worship far too much when we close our eyes, and remember almost nothing during our eyes are opened. Similarly, we understand and comprehend way more sermon than accepting and swallowing the verses, which are God’s Words Himself. It seems that our life is a complete disintregation between what we believe on Sunday and what we act on weekdays. God wants our soul to be prospered, so that He commanded to abide in His Word.

I believe some questions are better answered with actions than words, and considering the question, “How Shall I Live today?”, deeds matter more in preaching, and as St. Augustine said, use words if only necessary.

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