Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled

This Sunday’s sermon is felt like a mountain-moving words in my heart. In the midst of continuous discomfort about my stomach’s conditions, this sermon lifts up my faith. I started to think whether every sermon is best received with the heart that is troubled (as my stomach was in discomfort throughout the sermon), instead of a heart that is comfortable with this world.

This is my take from the sermon:
Jesus said to the disciples to not be worried, in facing the most fearful event in the disciples’ life, when Jesus’ death came near. At His most dreadful moments in life, as the fear of bearing God’s wrath on the cross, Jesus was still able to symphatize for the disciples’ troubled heart.
We often worried and troubled for things that are unnecessary to be worried about when we don’t understand them. God didn’t said that everything will always be allright. As we grow up, deepening our engagement with the world, we could see more dimensions of the things that have troubled us.
In the midst of the things that troubled us, yes He knows that all the circumstances will trouble us, and yet, Jesus said to net let our heart be troubled. Imagine that as you walk outdoor at the park, thousands of bird nay fly above your head. You cannot prevent any single of them lands atop your head, but you can prevent it nesting at your head. Yes your situations might worry you, of course your anxiety will get on you, but again, refuse and resist temptation to worry.

What is the key in refusing to submit into fear and worry?

Trust. Jesus urges us to believe and trust in His Name. Be still and know that He is God. The harsh and cruel thunderstorm at the Sea of Galilee that almost sunk the disciples’ boats, Jairus’ daughter that had died, into these kinds of circumstances where the situations are impossible to believe, God assures us to believe.

Faith always against our natural tendencies to our conditions. Faith is fighting against our natural response and feeling, and absorbing God’s providence through His presence. It is the God’s grace that we cling upon, the one that holds our confidence. Fear is the absence of what we could behold upon. Perfect love casts out fear, as His absolute love holds us and is the thing that we could hold on.
The greatest struggle us the battle of unbelief. It is hard to believe when we cannot see the proofs for believing.

What is the proof and the reason to believe?

Jesus did not command us to create our own peace, to fictionize our own comfort. There is a wide gap between what we expect to be assured with, like the way the world works, and what God’s meant with tge true shallom, His perfect peace. We want to be comforted by the certainty of abundance supply of food, money, clothings and other materials. Our expectation of peace is through comforting situation, while His perfect peace is regardless of any situation.
Jesus has overcame the world. Jesus has conquered the grave and rose again. There are no more reasons that could hold our heart captive in fear, as there is one promising reason to believe, His death and sacrifice. Have the heart like John who had followed Jesus and realized, absorbing the truth that Jesus had always loved him and the disciples.
He blesses us with His very own perfect peace, and this what we need to absorb; the peace that surpasses any understanding, intangible yet so real, on the basis of firm assurance in knowing that we are loved by God through Jesus’ eternal sacrifice. The true peace is the gift from the Prince of peace, received by whose minds that ready to stay on Jesus and heart that trust in Him. Be partakers of the glory that Jesus have won! Amen.

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