What’s Money Got to Do With Salvation

Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.

It is harder to confess Jesus Lordship with our money as it is cost us something rahter than with our mouth that costs us nothing.

Loving money and loving self are the same thing. We live in interaction with money on daily business as it is a tool for living. What God wants on how we conduct business with money is to command, conquer, have authority over money, to use it as our order with purpose.

“Money is a good servant, but it is an evil master.”
As our everyday needs all have something to do with money, unconsciously we perceive and believe that money is the answer for our everything. The usefullness of money transform ruthlessly into trust, love, then serving money. That’s Jesus said when we cannot love, trust, honor and obey the Master, Jesus Christ the Lord. What was supposedly serve us become the ugly master that enslaves us.

What Jesus commanded as the cure was to repent, and loving God and others. We love with our treasures and our most prized possesion, the things those are closest to us. Generosity is denying the love for ourself and be absorbed by the love for others. The very first thing that Zaccheus did when he was met with Jesus was giving away the half of his possesions, turning away from prosperity-seeker to generosity-driven.

God makes you prosper, but the question is what is the purpose of prosperity? God is glorified by our sacrifice as what the story of Macedonians did in the Paul’s letter to Corinthians. The maximum joy of giving triumphs the lesser joy of receiving as the true blessedness is possesing nothing.

The philosophy of the world says you can have your dream with money, but God has far greater dream for us, that is our ultimate calling to glorify God in our lives. God doesn’t want your money, its worthless for Him, and what He wants for you is your soul to be prosperous. He wants your heart to be prosperous, abundant, lack of nothing. He delights in your cheerfulness when you give as that is the indicator that your soul is in liberty from money’s bondage.

“Hold your money like holding a butter, and hold Jesus as if you are holding a footy ball.”

Are we really saved? Do our hearts truly has been saved and liberated? As our heart is the spring of our life. We are able to be generous as Jesus, with all of His majesty and riches in heaven, willing to sacrifice everything, sentenced as a criminal and robbed all of His possesions, only five clothes, massively generous become poor for you in the name of love, so that you might become rich in every spiritual blessings for your wholeness in this life.

Relationship is built in the costly things, learning to sacrifice, accepting with contentment; whether it be with Jesus and with our spouse as He has demonstrated to us, what real relationship is, loving with sacrifice.

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