Spiritual Satisfaction

We all yearning for satisfaction. Ever wonder why all the marketers are selling benefits, as opposed to the features? Because we are emotional beings. We yearn for emotional satisfaction. Whether its from work, the food that we purchased, clothings and many other things with price tags attached on it. Unfortunately, these heavily priced items are more often than not fail to deliver permanent satisfaction, in opposite of what we expected when we pay with our hard-earned cash. Some might be pleasurable or even exceed our expectations but, the problem will certainly appear when all expected fulfillments become all disappointing ones, or worse, fell as if no real difference take place pre and post-purchase.

There is one thing that really satisfies and that single thing is intangible. Personally, I feel that the most fulfilling things in this life is the ones that are not seen by my eyes. What I enjoy from dinner is not purely about the food, but the laughter and the chatters from my beloved ones. What I love from shopping together with my dearest are not the things that I buy, but the attention and comments she gave for the goods I about the purchase. Emotional benefits is essential.

Then, have you been aware that sometimes we question the benefits of the gospel? Perhaps, most people are shy to not discussing about it as it may be unethical. However, in my opinion, I ask personally what is the gain of believing the gospel, not in the spirit of criticising it, instead for the sake of drawing the greatest value from it. If you don’t ask, probably you don’t even care enough.Thus, many people condemned gospel as irrelevant because it is not related to easing the burden, instead many people judge gospel as another baggage to be carried on their back, which is perfectly make sense.. if you view it like that. You would not even consider to bring another cabin bag if you know your luggage quota is already 15 kilos more than what is given, wouldn’t you?

Then, if the gospel could not satisfy our lives, there are few possible roots cause:

First, problem lies not in the heart of the gospel, but in us, either the receivers, or the senders of the message. It is true that the power of the gospel is preached by the power of the Spirit Himself, however, we must not try to prevent the power of the Spirit to work in us and through us. Our egos and self-preoccupation could say no to the calling of the Spirit and instead, say whatever we think we should say.

Secondly, we are quick to neglect and forgetful about preaching the gospel to ourself. The enduring power of refreshing and fulfilling gospel depends on whether we allow ourself to have time for basking in a prayer and meditating the Word of God.

It is a matter where you put your trust to fill your life. Right living is the direct result of believing in the right truth. Placing our trust open His mercy and grace to fill our life will be most blessing to us. It is one of the most pitiable things in life if we confess that we believe in Christ, but we place ourself at the center of our worship. Our self-centeredness, that is by placing the possessions in this world to fill and satisfy us. This is not the way that Jesus promised and wanted to happen in our life.

If the things on the earth could not permanently satisfy, then we know that we don’t belong here for forever. There must be something greater beyond life that drove apostle Paul to say that to die is gain. The matter of living is not about our own pleasure, not about being a hero either. But,  It is about be in the call which Christ has set before us. That is be who you really are and the real satisfaction will flow from it, ourself for others, aiming for higher rewards that lies in eternity.

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