The Wisdom of See It Through

There is no such thing as darkness, only failure to see. My friend Anthony quoted this inspirational sentence on his Blackberry Messenger status update. I am quite impressed with the message inside this sentence, not the sentence itself but the courage burning inside the person whom at that particular condition, that is amidst the darkest hour, still have the strength and hope left to say that condition is just his or her own failure to see the way out of the gloom. Think about it for a moment. I would bet as a normal human being in this world, even one or two slightest unfavorable condition would have massive impact upon the mental state of that person. One will start to worry, doubt, or even frustration that leads to depression. It might sounds too hyperbole, but the degree of that impact varies between one to another. We are quick to judge and brisk to label, both for human and the environment we could see or perceive. Henceforth, not only for the pessimists, but many would hastily stamp their future as gloomy whenever they could see that there is trouble brewing while nothing sort of effective thing they could do. This gives the very definition of optimist, the one who could make the adversities as imperceptible through his or her continuous effort to widen the gap, persistently try to be in the position beyond the current level into the desired position. Coherently, Manchester City FC displayed what it means to be a title contender versus Liverpool FC whom only targets finish in the top four. The attitude to see beyond labeling their condition as darkness after frustrating defeat against Sunderland helped them to once again, extend the gap with the pole-trailer, Manchester United. Without saying that pessimists are bad habits, witnessing that pessimist has their own advantage:

Attitude highlights the difference between pessimists and optimists

I am in charge of my own happiness. You are in charge of your own happiness. I have no intention to do act of blaspheme as I believe in God as well. However, I do believe that God has exceedingly abundantly lavishes His magnificent grace for us so we can live the life at its fullest. It gives flesh to the bone to the adage, Happiness is choice. Yes, it is choice whether you would like to receive and absorb the joy of the Lord and live happily in this world, make the external adversities imperceptible in your life. Whatever that happens in your life, you still can be happy because from the beginning what makes you happy and satisfied is not things that were outside of your soul. Happiness come from inside. I put one quote that surprisingly still stored in my old phone that I did not use it anymore:

Faith makes things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful.


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