The Joy of Waiting Your Parcel

I have been waiting for the delivery of my television. I have been so anxious and thrive, struggling to do whatever I could to make sure that the delivery takes place smoothly. I contacted my housemates about their schedule to gain grounds for believing that there will be someone at home to receive my package.

I want to draw the similarity between this personal experience with the joy of waiting God’s call to be manifested in your life. I think to myself, if only for the sake of pleasure and entertainment, I have been so anxious and thus think creatively to do whatever it is necessary to do, then how about waiting the delivery of God’s parcel in my life. The question is whether I have been eagerly anticipating the call to find me and manifested in my life. Or, have I been indifference towards this ultimate call and striving to establish my identity through the call that I attempted to create and dreamed by myself?

I think I have absorbed a gargantuan amount of philosophies where a human needs to decide what they want to be on their own, and work through it. However, Alain De Botton in his piquet TED talks mentioned that the ones who take that approach are more likely to commit suicide as they have been trying to create self-identity, thus absorbing all the failures by themselves.

I have been doing that all the time, credited the blessings to my own, and discredit all the failures as somebody’s else victimized me.

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