Mephibo Dinner

What does it mean to eat together with the King in the same table? In order to gain better relevance to one of the most beautiful stories in the Bible, let’s compare this with our daily lives. Eating by ourself is surely not a good idea isn’t it? No matter how delicious is the meal, it is surely would not beat the taste of a meal that is shared. A good meal is a meal which is shared with others’ happiness, laughter, and joy. I once travelled to Malaysia to taste all the culinary feasts there as they proclaimed, Malaysia is truly Asia. The ever spreading rumours that Malaysia hawkers food are really palatable and affordable at the same time only whets my appetite. Thus, I went there with heart packed of excitement, expecting a food bonanza there. Nothing could be further from the truth where my real experience was actually a jaw-dropping one, in disappointing terms. The meals were fantastic, but where I was desperately miss from my holiday experience is the absence of the loved ones whom I usually share the meals with. I miss their presence, voice, jokes, laughter, and joy. The jubilant-to-be experience became not-to-be-repeated moment.

Having a luxurious dinner is not all about the food, but ultimately it is about the people whom we are sitting together with. It is about the love and affection that is bounced off each other as we gulping the dishes. Once a week or so, we invite and gather our family, friends, relatives to enjoy the fellowship and care for each other. Therefore, having the loved ones, mean the people whom we are familiar, comfortable and most importantly love to be around with is paramount.

Guess what happened when King David invites Mephiboseth to dine regularly with him at the King table. This is similar to condition when God invites us through the covenant He made through Jesus’ obedience at the Cross. Now we could eat regularly, at peace, means that we are His beloved and love to be around with us, who are originally offenders before Him by our congenial and intentional sins. By His stripes we are reconciled and  could enjoy the fellowship with the Father and share the communion. Truly, the best feast is the one with whom you share it.

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